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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Chihuahua mom and puppies have happy ending!

One of the toughtest parts of rescue is dealing with indifferent owners. Several months ago a backyard breeder dumped 2 males and a female at Harris County Animal Control. The female was just days away from whelping so the stress of birthing was added to her stress at being in a strange place and abandoned.
A wonderful vet housed momma dog to make sure she was able to birth naturally and if not, do a C-section to save all their lives. The dog repaid this kindness by going into labor on her new sofa!
Due to LOTS of hours of work on a volunteers part, these babies are now thriving and
2 have been adopted.
The momma dog unfortunately has heartworms, some tumors and her head tilts from some as yet undiagnosed reason. We will do what we can for her, she is a very placid chihuahua and deserves a chance.
This is another example of all the hard work required to attempt to reverse damage done by irresponsible owners.