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Friday, February 26, 2010

Wheel Away transports dogs in style, saves your back

The Wheel Away is one of the sturdiest doggie "totes" I have ever evaluated. In fact, it is so conducive
to being rolled on the ground that I do not recommend it to be used as a back pack, for which it is also
made. This is the medium size, up to maybe 15 lbs. (I never trust manufacturer recommendations due to experience, I always test with real animals.) Tugboat weighs 12 lbs.
The materials are canvas and mesh. It does zip all the way to enclose the dog entirely if wanted.
This is in excellent condition. I do not think it was ever even used.
$45.00 at Pet Stuff Resale

The hesitant model Tugboat is my own dog. I fostered his litter (during Hurricane Ike!) after his owner turned them in as an unexpected litter. I so hope he got the mom spayed, he did keep her.
She was a Blue Heeler and he said one of the dads was a chihuahua. I thought Tugboat was the runt, but then figured out his size is the chihuahua influence. When even his female littermates weighed 2
lbs., he was barely 1 lb.

(His 2 sisters Mandy and Pandy are still up for adoption. They are stunning looking, look like long haired miniature Blue heelers at 15 lbs each. Yes, I have pictures.)
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Monday, February 22, 2010

Cat Heaven at Jester Plaza Vet Clinic

The headline and pictures could be the entire blog post! This is the neatest set up I have ever seen
for cats and a great "chill out" room for them. This also doubles as an exam room for exotics. I think it also belongs in cat boarding facilities. Is kitty day care next? For a room like this, cats would travel!

This set up was designed by Tricia Burda, wife
of Dr Steve Burda of Jester Plaza Vet Clinic.
I was so amazed but not suprised by her talent.
She could market the plans for this set up.
I sat in a chair and just soaked up the neatness
of this cat heaven.
The yellow box even has a hidden door to accommodate a litter box.
Those are real tree branch pieces up there also..
Yes, that is a kitty door at the bottom.

Wouldn't ferals have a great time in here? They would never get caught again:)

Complying with Internet rules, I am disclosing that I  have accepted no compensation for this endorsement. In fact the Burdas don't even know I am posting it.

JPVC is near 18th and TC Jester just outside the Loop in Houston, Tx. 713-869-0202

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Heartworm post updated

I did not realize the post would send you directly to the Pepsi website before reading the original post. I do apologize.
Pepsi is sponsoring a promotion to award grants for good ideas across the entire United States. Heartworm
positive dogs are so common in Houston and so expensive to treat, I entered this competition to help rescue groups and shelters with some of the drug used to treat heartworms, Immiticide. The problem has gotten much worse with the economy.People are not buying the prevention as much and relinquishing their pets, now infected. The burden
of more costs added to fewer donations is creating
horrendous problems in the rescue world.
The idea is currently in #16th place and they only fund the top 10 in each category; I am in the 5,000.00 category. All you have to do is vote every day, just until the 28th of February. Please also ask any animal
folks to vote and spread the word via their social networks.
Both of these dogs are alive today due to donated immiticide, each of which expensive bottle only treats
 a 22 lb dog.
The best part about this idea is that you are not asked to give money, just a few moments of your time every day just until 2/28. Please visit heartworm dogs and forward this to other animal fans as well. Please email me at if you have any questions.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lola the Bulldog loves going to the Spa!

As I was standing in Copperfield Grooming chatting with Kat the owner, this lovely lady barrelled into the shop, dragging her owner over to the self service tubs.I couldn't believe it! Lola's owners told me she loves coming in for her baths. It was so cute I had to go get my camera and share her excitement.
Her buddy, whose name I have forgotten, (Benz?) was
the total opposite, he was underwhelmed by the entire
ordeal..His daddy had to load him unwillingly into his tub.
Each dog thought the other one was nuts!

Kat donates groomings regularly for my foster dogs so I
had been happy to loan her some crates for cat neuters.
What a nice surprise to run into this family outing while picking them back up.
Pet Stuff Resale buys, sells and rents new and used pet supplies and I have a TON of fun in the process.
Thank you Lola, for making my day!