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Monday, October 29, 2007

Frankie recuperating well after tibia break

This week he is sporting a bright yellow bandage. Dr Chalkley cut out the word "BOO" in black VetWrap and it looked so cute down his cast, but Frankie demolished it on the way home before I could even get a picture.

An Italian greyhound I am fostering broke her radius and ulna last Tuesday while playing with her son; the cool weather being the culprit, so there are now 3 orthopedic cases under my care!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Frankie doing well after latest surgery today

Dr Chalkley was able to remove the pin that had migrated and decided not to try and pin the new break but let it heal on its own. I will pick him up Saturday afternoon and he will be back on crate rest for another two weeks with bandage changes twice a week again. It's a 100 mile trip each time but Frankie likes to ride and can see out nicely due to a HUGE pillow that was donated for him.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Frankie suffers yet another break

I can barely type this; I take him into Petsmart in a buggy on his huge pillow with a leash on so he doesn't try to jump out, yet he did today and broke the tibia in his already mangled leg. I was standing by him and still couldn't reach him fast enough as he went over the opposite side of the buggy.
Kim from CAP immediately drove in from Sugarland on her day off to Fry Road and rushed him back to Dr Chalkley at Westbury.I just happened to have doggie pain meds in my truck so that helped. Initials xrays aren't great, they will do some more diagnostic work on Friday and see if they can still try to save the leg.
Dr C was nice enough to worry about the extension of my time involved with doing the rehab, but I told him that was not a problem.
Except for horrendous pain at first, Frankie was wagging his tail and licking everyones hands at the clinic, what a great dog he is.
I feel so badly about this.

Frankie's Suitemate Monte

This is the one year old Jack Russell turned in for being too active. She also has an unexplained leg fracture so has to be crated for a month, hence her association to Frankie in the "orthopedic wing".
She is being very good even though wanting to play as badly as Frankie does.
Monte is now spayed and will make a wonderful pet in a home that understands this active breed. She will also need a buddy dog.
For some reason I cannot get her photo to upload, will keep trying.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Frankie is REALLY tired of resting up!

He wants to play and snuggle, poor baby.
He is being very good and is not fighting being in the crate. Today is the first time I have left him for any length of time; I do have other foster dogs that need some attention also.....
Today I am at CAP with a beautiful black cocker spaniel named Lady and Frankie's suitemate, Monte, the Jack Russell.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Yet another setback for Frankie

When Dr Chalkley took xrays to repair the pin migration on Tuesday, the bones hadn't healed enough for him to operate safely, so Frankie has 2 more weeks of crate rest, then we'll try again.
The good news is that he got neutered!

I am so grateful for the generosity of Houstonians who have helped Frankie and are keeping in touch.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Megan looking for a home at age 8 due to an overseas move

What a nice dog; she is calm not because she is older, she just has a gentle personality. I'm not even sure what she is, but weighs maybe 35 lbs and those ears
fold so nicely!
She is spayed, heartworm negative,housebroken and ready to go to a new home. Imagine
uprooting a dog at age 8...
I had her in the cat room with no reaction at all.
I forgot to get her incoming number at Citizens For Animal Protection but her description should be enough to find her.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

2 Shih Tzus get adopted today!

Casey and Tarquin both went to wonderful homes today and I couldn't be happier.
Casey's great new dad came to me as a referral from Meyerland Animal Hospital, thanks
to Lisa for connecting us.
Tarquin got lucky via Petsmart Fry Road. I'm often there on Thursdays with foster dogs and decided to take him at the last minute this week. His new family got a
great reference from one of my favorite vets, Dr Kathy Sutton, so thanks for her
help in placing him in such a good home.
Casey is on the right after his grooming, Tarquin is on the left after my hacking
much of the horrible mats out, but before grooming. They both came in in horrible condition.

Frankie gets a suitemate!

A precious tiny Jack Russell female with orthopedic problems somehow got into my truck today. She has an undiagnosed knee problem so will be going to see Dr Chalkley
also, um which he doesn't know about yet....
I won't be asking for any donations for her, I'll do what I can on my own.
Some crate rest is definitely in order initially.
She is only a year old and was turned in for being too active, yet the owners said she was left alone for 12 hours..what did they expect?
She also had a horrible name so is now Monte.
I have her in isolation for several days to protect Frankie, then will be crated next to him. I'll have pictures as soon as possible

Friday, October 5, 2007

Oh no, Frankie suffers a setback!

The pin in the really bad leg has slipped so Dr Chalkley has to go back in next Tuesday and do some corrective work. I'm so disappointed, Frankie is feeling really well and wants to move around. This was not a total surprise due to the bone damage,
but creates more problems since it now delays his rehab even more and lessens his
percentage of muscle recovery.
I'm pretty down today about it. He is such a precious boy.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Thanks to foster homes a few older dogs find forever homes thru CAP

Citizens for Animal Protection is able to adopt out a few older and less adoptable dogs and cats thanks to an extensive foster home system. Due to the overwhelmingly numbers, shelters are usually

not able to have these babies take up cage space since they take longer to get adopted.These "older dog" foster homes shoulder the responsibility of finding homes often thru their networking and the shelter website and screen homes for suitability. They frequently take on the financial side also.

These are 3 lucky dogs that the 2 foster homes kept for over a year until the right adopter came along. Gomez, the black chihuahua, went with a wonderful lady who prefers older dogs and has adopted from CAP before.

Baby, the blonde, went to a man who has privately rescued a chihuahua before and already had a chihuahua from the SPCA. Baby has been known to shop on Ebay and sneaks in with her owner to places where dogs are not supposed to go! She is so charming that people look forward to her visits.

2Bits, a precious little 2 pounder when he was found is now 3 lbs and awaiting surgery to fix a knee. I raised funds for him by charging people .25 to pet him.
Of course most people gave quite a bit more! He is now in a wonderful home with several other older dogs including Rocky, another older chihuahua adopted from CAP
a couple of years ago.
These are rare success stories and all 3 of these homes feel blessed to have their older babies. Please consider adopting an older dog or cat.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Another good check up today for Frankie

and yet another new bandage! He is so good during all that has to be done to him, either licking or wagging his tale much of the time.
He is trying to use the back leg every once in a while and is using the front leg very well. I no longer have to hold him up while he's outside, YEA!!! He is not yet allowed to walk much, but he really wants to badly....

Dr Chalkley is hoping the soft cast can be eliminated on Friday.
Thanks to Dr Flores for the artwork on his cast!