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Monday, November 17, 2008

I was wrong about the First Dog

I assumed the White House would be the site of a new dog as soon as they
move in and I'm happy to be corrected. In an interview it was revealed that
they are going to wait a while until they are settled in and that has been the plan all along. I wish more people would be that wise when getting a new pet.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Pet Stuff Resale mascot models a wire crate for sale

As in all of my pets, Alfie is a rescue dog. Like many rescue dogs, his history is murky....He was only a year old so when he paid absolutely no attention to me and ran around like a one year old, it didn't click for about 3 weeks that he is deaf!
When he is hungry he barks nonstop until he is fed. I've tried that "Ignore him
so you aren't reinforcing the behavior" stuff-ha, he out barks my patience every time.
If I turn around and shake my finger at him, he does this little twirl, sits down
and proceeds to bark again. This is of course hilarious to everyone but me!

Alfie is a great "hook" for the Pet Stuff Resale booth where ever we set up, so he does earn his keep and he stays nicely in a carry pouch for a whole event.

I am frequently asked if he can bark since he can't hear. I have yet to find a diplomatic way of saying "there's nothing wrong with his throat, it's his ears!"

Alfie is pictured modeling in a small wire crate currently for sale at Pet Stuff Resale for 20.00. Alfie is 7 lbs and up to a 10 lb dog could fit easily into it.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Obama shouldn't be getting a dog yet.

This is an exciting time for the whole family but also very stressful. If you factor in moving, going to new job, new schools, holiday stress, worldwide scrutiny and the whole family dynamic changing, it's not fair to a dog to be thrown into the mix.
Unfortunately people rarely think of the pets interest when wanting to get a new one. I don't expect this situation to be any different. Those of us in rescue see this at Christmas all too often.