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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Frankie has a great checkup!

On Friday he got his sutures out and the front leg looks very good. He is now supposed to exercise it a little except the back leg is not ready for exercise yet! He had that cast changed and the leg looks pretty good; the muscles are contracting and need physical therapy except he needs the cast on for a while longer so we can't get started yet. Dr Chalkley at Westbury Animal Hospital took more xrays to make sure
of his progress. He also removed the sutures on that leg.
We go back on Tuesday for another evaluation.
The Chronicle ran an expanded article on Frankie on Friday and more donations have started coming in. There is currently about 1800.00 of the 3000.00 needed in Frankies Fund at CAP.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Frankie gets a check up today at the vet

He had his bandage changed and a new medicine added to the two he's already taking.
Dr Chalkley is pleased with his progress. We are watching closely for infection
in the more severely injured leg.
Many thanks to those who have asked about him and so graciously brought donations to

Saturday, September 22, 2007

17 lb dog survives hit and run; left with 2 broken legs

Last Friday, this precious baby was hit and left. People drove right by him. Thank
God a good samaritan finally stopped and took him to Citizens for Animal Protection.
More goodness ensued as an employee came to work early and so could take him in. He was rushed to a vet for triage; shelters cannnot usually pay the kind of vet bill
his injuries entailed so have to keep the pet as comfortable hoping for an owner to show up. (He had no id, nor was he neutered).

By the time he sat at the shelter all weekend he tugged at everyones' heartstrings,
including mine, so I decided to try to raise funds to fix his broken legs. In fact
I took a big gamble and arranged for the surgery before even getting a chance to
raise any money!

Westbury Animal Hospital has been helping me do rescue since 1991 and Dr Jeff Chalkley did a tremendous job in this orthopedic repair. He started at 2:30 and with the help of Dr Jonathan Cooper and head honcho Dr L D Eckerman finally finished
at 6 pm on Tuesday. It was so extensive they were not able to neuter him so will do it later.
Frankie is still not out of the woods; if infection sets he, he may still lose one leg. We will be going back twice a week for check ups and are looking at a several month rehabilitation period. I'll be posting updates and pictures as often as possible.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Joey the cat got adopted!

Wow! After 7 months Joey was adopted,(see August 17th post) along with a boxer and is now in his permanent home..Thanks to his new owner who wanted an adult cat.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Leona's dog wasn't born a biter!

She encouraged Trouble's inappropriate behavior, which is discouraging to trainers, breeders and rescue people alike. By allowing (and from reports, encouraging) the dog to be aggressive she set up situations for biting.

Many, many people do so accidentally as well. As blasphemous as it sounds, allowing your pet to sleep in bed with you encourages the same type of behavior. I hear from dog owners that their dog has never been aggressive and I understand that, but it does occur often. When one doesn't have 12 million dollars for doggy care and something happens to the owner, the dog is often euthanized. Either the designated caregiver won't put up with the undesirable behavior or if the dog is taken to a shelter, the staff can't get near the dog.

There are simple ways to retrain a dog that a human has allowed to run its environment. The easiest way is to not let it happen in the first place. Check out dog training websites; you may be surprised at how dogs need to know their place in the pack. Dog trainers are worth every penny!