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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Frankie a special guest at the CAP gala

Last Saturday, for the first time since his legs were broken on Sept 20th by a hit and run driver,
Frankie walked unaided, at the Citizens for Animal Protection gala. Escorted by the 2vets who "wired" him back together, he actually pranced down the runway!
He has made such great progress that Dr Chalkley has discontinued his hydrotherapy, which he hated, and we are now on to controlled walks.
Frankie will be available for adoption after the holidays to a family with a buddy dog, so please keep an eye out for the perfect home for him.
On this Thanksgiving Day I am particularly grateful for all the many people who donated money for his surgery, taken such an interest in his progress and to Westbury Animal Hospital which has done so much for me over the years.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Frankie pulls another cast off!

He's really feeling good and probably does it for all the attention he gets at Westbury Animal Hospital as well. Everyone there is so solicitious of him and anxious for him to recover well.
Back we went on Friday and got a dark green bandage with Dr Flores usual creative artwork on it. He's mulling what color to wear for the gala. Aaaacckk, I haven't found a dress yet!
Dr Chalkley told me that Frankie really needs to keep the bandage on and I replied
"Talk to the paw", so he gave Frankie a stern look and Frankie licked him....

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Good news from Frankies vet!

Frankie pulled his turquoise cast off Sunday night so off we went Monday morning to get a new one,royal blue this time. (Thanks to my buds who have donated gas money
to the cause.)
For the first time Dr Chalkley has been openly optimistic about Frankie rather than guarded. He took more xrays and said he is healing nicely. I am so pleased.
Frankie is becoming a little rambunctious with the cooler weather and it's so good to see him feeling better, even though I have to be the bad guy and keep him curtailed.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Frankie prepares for the CAP gala!

Frankie will be an honored guest at the Citizens for Animal Protection gala on November 17th. He's mostly preparing by resting up and today went to CAP to have his picture made for the program. He is secure enough in his neutered masculinity to be able to wear turquoise Vet Wrap!

His primary care vet, Dr. Chalkley and his wife and Dr Jonathan Cooper have received special invitations to the gala also. Check out the CAP website, for all the gala info.