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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Why give your holiday pet rescue donation NOW?

Between Thanksgiving and New Years shelters and rescue groups have their lowest number of pets for several reasons. The birth rate is lower in the winter, so there are very few puppies and kittens compared to the summer months. Pets are also often given as gifts, which sounds great but is actually not a good idea.(More on that when we get closer to holiday time.)

Now is when your gift to shelters and rescue groups is most needed. Whether
its money or food, both run low in the summer months. Please spread the word on this and also suggest for people who still have to give at the holidays for that wonderful warm fuzzy feeling(and that's understandable!), consider a gift card. Space is so limited it's difficult to store large quantities of food and gift cards can be used as needed. Gift cards don't even need to be to pet stores; grocery store gift cards can be used as items such as bleach and paper towels are always needed and take up lots of space. The grocery store cards can be a double benefit also if your designated charity on the card is already a shelter!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

One dog owners' neglect took 16 people to repair.

A horribly matted, 2 year old schnauzer mix came into Citizens for Animal Protection
recently. Unfortunately he also had contagious mange and heartworms and hadn't been neutered. With a minimum of 6 weeks required to fix all those problems and many other dogs needing help, shelters can't save every dog. Pauli got lucky.
Someone found him, an employee checked him in, someone gave him shots, someone walked and fed him and I decided to foster him. A vet and a tech neutered him. I risked getting mange while treating him for his. Two friends of mine and a woman I've never met paid for his heartworm treatment. Two groomers from Petsmart donated his cute grooming. Someone took his picture and someone else put him on 2 adoption websites. All these people worked to save his life and get him ready for a new home. People involved in rescue do things like this every day, basically cleaning up after owners who choose not to care for their pet.
Pauli would like a home with no cats and children over 8 years old.He is crate trained and used to dry food only.
The adoption fee is 89.00. My fosters live with me until adoption, so he won't be at the shelter; I make appointments to meet potential adopters there to see Pauli.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

You Lucky Dog is a perfect name for this SW Houston Business!

You Lucky Dog is a brand new(opened June 1st) boarding/doggie day care/training facility near 610 on N Braeswood that I toured yesterday. From the gracious, certified staff to the gleaming
facilities, it's a place you'd want to go if you were a dog. It's large enough to be spacious, yet small enough to ensure plenty of human attention.

The only thing I would like to see different is more of a wall barrier between the dogs that are in the boarding area.

Of course there's a flat screen tv in the doggie day care area!

Your dog will go "bow wow" for the homey, welcoming atmosphere.

Note: I have no connection to this business, had never met them before and they don't even know I'm giving them a very good review.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Pet Microchipping doesn't work

if you don't actually register the pet in your name. It is not uncommon for dogs and cats to come into shelters and the employees are excited when they scan it and find a chip,
then get so disappointed when the chip has not been registered or the number is no longer valid.
Puppies from puppy mills are not often updated to reflect the purchaser either.

It is now a Texas state law that all animals adopted from shelters are microchipped prior to
being released to an adopter. This is a welcomed tool to reunite pets with their owners and
reduce the terribly high euthanasia rate. Do your part, make sure the information is current.