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Thursday, March 29, 2012

6 items under $15 at Pet Stuff Resale and Charlie

Cat hidey  9.00  I know first hand that chihuahuas like these as well!

Nineteen in from the floor these tables are perfect for cat rests, especially near a window. They tuck away neatly on a stand when not in use or so they can be moved from room to room...12.00
19x23 and 21x25, these baskets are great for dogs or cats, by themselves or multiples. As many as 4 chihuahuas can get in the bigger one:)   11.00 each

Feliway for cats,new, never used 8.00 SOLD

If you foster, this is perfect for post surgery small dogs, especially orthopedic cases. This is one of the neatest dog items I have ever seen. It has velcro closings and you can see from the back view below it is cut out for ease of wear. It is soft fleecy material, good for cold weather or air conditioning.

This is a size small 8-11 lbs. On their website they are 2 for 14.95 but there is 7.95 shipping. At Pet Stuff Resale it is 8.00 and is in excellent condition.

This is Charlie. A year ago he was turned in to BARC and no one could handle him. He was human aggressive, dog aggressive, toy possessive, not a positive trait in his body!  Today he is a well behaved 4 year old, looking for a great all adult home(still a tiny bit toy protective) He weighs 15 lbs. His neat Mohawk cut was donated by Copperfield Grooming. He is crate and leashed trained and is happy with inexpensive toys, wadded up newspaper is a favorite!

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dog Faces in the Crowd

More fun for me  is getting to work around so many dogs. In my travels I see some great faces and finally started to photograph them. It's not part of Pet Stuff Resale but people like them so much, this feature has become part of the company blog.

Abba was spotted at Kingsland Blvd Animal Clinic. Four years old, she was at her adoption kennel for a year when her now owner came by just to walk a dog....and he didn't want another big dog:)

 I met Cammy today as she was leaving Gulf Coast after having a paw removed and ACL surgery. A patient of Dr Beale's, she was escorted out in seriously neat  rolling transportation by not one but two care takers!

Gus is a wonderful example of a wonderful breed. Such a happy boy at Chestnut Animal Hospital....

This incredible pug is almost 16 years old and still has great hearing, sight and heart function. His daddy is a softie when it comes to his baby. I am sorry I forgot his name-was at Kingsland Blvd Animal Clinic. He had a girl pug buddy who died at 10 last year, like many breeds it's tough to just have one pug. 

Spencer and his mom were also at Kingsland Blvd Animal Clinic. He is one of three pugs in the family.

Emma Hope has a very murky immediate past. She showed up in a dog run at Kingsland Blvd Vet Clinic with no information at all.. My wonderful bud Greta Jean has added her to her  dachsie/greyhound household. Emma Hope is 11 or 12 years old and settling in quite nicely.

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Janet Huey
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yes, I am partial to pugs:)

Friday, March 9, 2012

Finding pet stuff out in the cold and rain!

Carlson metal gate with 2 extensions and little door   50.00
27" gate, plus 12" extension, plus 7" extension. The little pass thru is one of this industry's best invention in my opinion.
 Local flea market garage sale just setting up today but opened it up to the public due to the weather discouraging shoppers over the weekend. My gain is your gain, as my bud was working it; thank goodness for cell phones:)

Handwashable bed for princess dog or cat  7.00

Elfin the chihuahua still looking for a media story to raise funds for orthopedic surgery. Here he is enjoying the beautiful landscaping at Ch 2 KPRC. (The sign says AJ's landscaping; I don't know them so this is an unsolicited promo for them) Follow Elfin at knees
Elevated feeder/waterer    16.00
small dog or cat crate  10.00  sold

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Janet Huey
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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Stuff in just today and 106 lbs of gentle needs a home

Big dogs love these and thrift storesare carrying them less often due to labeling requirements. Yes it is a toddler mattress and less expensive than large dog beds! 28.00

Kitty Bubbles? yup, catnip flavored ones, too. New, with retail price of 8.99 on back. 5.00 at Pet Stuff Resale

small play yard  35.00

Jeep brand pet ramp-folds in 3rds so easier to store than the ones that fold in half.
very sturdy   50.00  sold

Duke is a wonderful 3 year old placid male in the Weekend Sponsor program at CAP 281-497-0591. He is neutered and heartworm negative and ready to go to his permanent home today!

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Janet Huey