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Monday, August 23, 2010

New Kidco metal walk thru gate and extension in at Pet Stuff Resale

This is still in the original box. The white center gate extends from 29" to 37", the extension is 12 1/2". It is
pressure mounted so no damage to door jambs. It is 29" tall. All of the bars are vertical so dogs cannot climb it and the spacing between bars is 2 1/4 ", so most pets cannot squeeze thru it.

The original invoices were still inside; the gate was 89.95 and the extension was 34.95.
At Pet Stuff Resale they are 70.00 together.

TIP: I purchased this at a thrift type place where it had probably been donated. Both the invoice and the boxes had the original buyers name, address and even phone number. Please be sure to remove or obliterate
any personal information on anything you sell, donate or even throw out. I see this fairly often.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

1/2 everything at animal shelter thrift store in Houston and visit Pet Stuff Resale also!

CAP thrift store is having a surprise(not anymore) 1/2 price sale on everything in their main store on Sunday.
Here's a chance to get some bargains and bring in donations as well. It's also a chance to see stuff from
Pet Stuff Resale I haven't gotten on the website yet!

The thrift store is next to the shelter and I am in front of the Greater Good next to the thrift noon to 4.
This is on the south feeder road between Dairy Ashford and Kirkwood-turn in at the Murphy's Deli.

See you there!

I will even have a camping set up, tent, chairs, floats..all for 70.00-still has original 129.00 price tag on it.
Email me for my cell number -ok, I am even texting now finally!
Janet Huey

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ch 13 TV films Pepsi heartworm story with Pet Stuff Resale clients and rescue volunteers

Jester Plaza Vet Clinic hosted Ch 13 Executive Producer
Molly O'Connor, cameraman Mike and intern Ann for a Pepsi Refresh Project story about canine heartworms. This is the program from which I received the 5,000.00 grant from Pepsi thanks to many people voting in an online competition. Volunteers from
HOPE and sheltie rescue brought their dogs Frankie  and Milo, who have either been treated or
are getting treatment. Joann, co owner of Fondren 5 Star kennel and regular customer of Pet Stuff Resale,(Thank you!) brought Buddy the black lab who was the hit of the interview. He is ready for his permanent home. I brought foster dachshund Sam, who weathered me being interviewed in the heat
at NOON, right after his shot-very poor planning on my part! (Dr Burda was interviewed in the air conditioning, hmmmm)
Molly and Mike did a great job of showcasing the horrendous problem of heartworms in Houston, a totally preventable disease. "Prevention is so much cheaper than treatment" is my manta. Treatment is also
incredible painful.

Many thanks to the volunteers and also to Dr Burda for his help, as well as Tricia Burda who did a
great job of facilitating our little circus!

The 1 minute story will air Sunday August 8 2010, after
the 10 pm news on CH 13, ABC.

Owen, top left, is almost ready for adoption and Mikey
on the left has been adopted after treatment.