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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Rabbit and Patton looking for forever homes

Patton(part clown) and Rabbit (for his incredibly soft white fur) obviously had a great time at the Kingsland Blvd Animal Clinic Open House. Many thanks to Connie Clancy and her daughter for showing them off. Both dogs are neutered, on heartworm prevention, crate trained and ready to go to a "real" home. They do have foster homes in case they get sick while waiting for that perfect home.
Many thanks to Connie and her daughter for all of the dog walking they do on a regular basis
for shelter dogs, giving them needed exercise.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Kingsland Blvd Vet Clinic Halloween Pet Costume Contest

When Oscar the Grouch came thru the crowd to enter the contest, everyone automatically said "That is the winner!" The owner said this 10 year old poodle mix
was totally comfortable having green food color being put on it and riding around in
the can.
Second place went to Bruno the cat who weighed about 22 lbs and rode around in his crate on a cart and his orange witches hat, never once trying to remove it. I am sorry his picture did not come out.
As a football fan I voted for this duo who also wore their outfits all afternoon with little complaint.
The Kingsland vets have helped me in rescue off(only didn't when I lived inside the Loop) and on since 1986 and are wonderful to the many animals they treat for several rescue organizations. More than a few furries are alive today because of their efforts.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Kirby's pictures

My house faces the community park and Kirby LOVES running over to roll in the grass.
He also got away from me once and ran 3/10's of a mile down the road,which is a lot longer than
it sounds when one is in a long dress and flat shoes! He was only stopped by the edge of a
guys cattle pen and I had had to carry all 18 lbs of him back to the house, missing a SNAP fundraiser...if I had stopped for a leash, he would have been much further away!He is only 9 years old chronologically.

Here he is modeling a fold out foam dog chair.
It may not have started out as one, but Kirby swears it should have been. 12.00 at Pet Stuff Resale

Kirby needs a home

This beautiful cocker was adopted about 6 years ago and his owner died this year. No one in the family was able to take him so he was returned to the shelter and adopted
the next day! Sadly he was returned for aggression 3 1/2 months later, then went after a shelter manager so was not going to be put back up for adoption. His first foster person would not take him back either.
He has been staying at my house while I have been looking for a home for him and I can
say that he is NOT at all aggressive if the person is watching his behavior. He was
aggressive with me at the vet clinic because I was STUPID and approached him too fast
as a stranger. If he is allowed to come out of his crate instead of a hand going in after him, he is a perfect gentleman.In his second home, he was allowed on the bed
which can add to dominance issues. I have had Kirby since August 2nd and have not
had any behavior problems AT ALL.
He is quiet, well behaved and does not act like a 9 year old dog at all. His eyes are clear and he can tire me out on a walk! He loves to go in the truck and is well mannered with other dogs. He likes shopping at Petsmart. Kirby is crate trained and eats dry food only. His coat
is rather short. He is fine with cats also. I would put him with older children who understand not to get right in his face, as with any dog.
Please consider Kirby as I can not add him to my gang . My job is fostering, not permanent home status. He has done nothing wrong to deserve this house shuffle.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Weezy Baby the Ball Python gets a new habitat at Pet Stuff Resale

Weezy Baby found his new habitat thru Craigslist, but not on Craigslist! He got lucky and so did his mom Michelle because I peruse CL daily looking for neat things for current PSR clients.
Sometimes I find clients there also:) As a student, Michelle didn't have a big budget and I had
a 40 gal tank with a lid that was cracked so was very reasonably priced. Ta Da, Weezy Baby now
has a much bigger tank than he expected to get. He is very friendly, likes to watch TV while napping on Michelle's shoulder and about 2 feet long.(Ball pythons are traditionally very placid.)
Michelle was also very patient during my "pets are lifetime commitments" speech!