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Monday, October 5, 2009

Weezy Baby the Ball Python gets a new habitat at Pet Stuff Resale

Weezy Baby found his new habitat thru Craigslist, but not on Craigslist! He got lucky and so did his mom Michelle because I peruse CL daily looking for neat things for current PSR clients.
Sometimes I find clients there also:) As a student, Michelle didn't have a big budget and I had
a 40 gal tank with a lid that was cracked so was very reasonably priced. Ta Da, Weezy Baby now
has a much bigger tank than he expected to get. He is very friendly, likes to watch TV while napping on Michelle's shoulder and about 2 feet long.(Ball pythons are traditionally very placid.)
Michelle was also very patient during my "pets are lifetime commitments" speech!

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