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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

2 unusual dog items and a cat themed blanket at Pet Stuff Resale

Big dogs love these beds, many prefer to nap in an elevated area and toddler beds are perfect! This one is in very good condition.

The mattress is a Simmons BeautyRest "Elegance"

                                 60.00 at Pet Stuff Resale

This blanket is actually brown and light tan.This looks like a postcard is a picture taken on my cell phone camera. It looked very good on my bed:)

The other dog item is a white metal crib on rollers that would be great for either foster puppies or post surgery dogs that need to stay quiet. Geriatric dogs that are too fragile for mingling with more active dogs but still want to be part of the gang would also do well in this crib. (Picture at the end of the blog shows the bed folded up w/o the mattress and base.) It is 24"x39" and the bar spacing is 2", so little heads cannot get stuck in them.(Kitten heads could get thru them).
This is one of the neatest things to ever come into Pet Stuff Resale; the rolling makes it easy to move around, it's easy to keep clean, it's multi purpose. Wait, it also folds up! The bottom removes and it can be used with or without the mattress. Little paws cannot climb the smooth metal.

Many thanks to my associate Nancy who found the 2 beds, she ferret outs some neat stuff while looking for books. Talk about networking; she adopted a greyhound from me in 1988!

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Janet Huey

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Houston Dog faces and 1 more

Gizzie on the left and Georgia below were minding their own business at Tanglewilde Vet Clinic when they were bombarded with pictures. This owner was so accommodating-the girls REALLY  just wanted to get out of Dodge and defeated our repeated attempts to photograph them together. 
One of them turns 11 this week!

Mikey and Missy were both adopted  by my wonderful bud Gretajean, both had heartworms(will people never understand the importance of prevention?) and both have this binkie addiction:)

These are their Halloween witch binkies. Mickey gets whichever one he can yank from under the computer table when Missy is otherwise engaged.

Bailey was incredibly patient for her nail trim. Richard her owner came by for a nail trim,which I do for 5.00-Greater Good sends lots of clients to me, thanks!. Then he asked to be shown how to do it. Kim my bud was visiting, so was quickly conned into helping:)

Chloe was patiently waiting her turn at Westbury Vet Clinic last month when the roving Pet Stuff Resale camera caught her. She looks about 4, she is really 13. She has a wonderful owner who did major research into vets after moving to Houston from New York. I very much enjoyed visiting with her and think she made a good decision in vets!

I really feel sorry for folks with real jobs that can't rove around as I do, so the dog faces are to add a little joy to your day. It is not by accident that most of them are "seasoned" faces, those are my favorite.

Oh, yea, this blog is supposed to also highlight items from Pet Stuff Resale for sale.......
Rocco was turned in to a shelter when his owners could not afford treatment for his broken leg.  All healed, he now needs a permenant home, all 4 lbs of him. He desperately hopes the Halloween costume finds a different home! It says Devilish Dog on the back which is 180 dogrees from his personality. He is one of the sweet, even quiet, chihuahuas, gets along with other dogs and even cats.

I will have items for sale(and a foster dog) at the Kingsland Blvd 30th anniversary Open House this Saturday 2-5 pm. 281-578-1506 is their number. Of course there will be a pet costume contest. I have a booth in Exam room 9. My cell is 817-480-8400 if you want to see what I am bringing.

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