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Friday, January 30, 2009

Booda Dome Litter box the best all around litter box-15.00 at Pet Stuff Resale

The 2 underwhelmed photography subjects are being fostered for Citizens for Animal Protection. The flame point male on the left is alive due to Craigslist. When
I went to his owners trailer park to buy an item she casually said she was going to have to leave him behind, outside,when she moved, His story is archived somewhere in early 08.
The female on the right is a 10 year old whose owner died and a family member immediately
brought her in because she was hostile-yea, as I would be if my owner died and my world turned
upside down. She is now very friendly and has lost a few pounds. Both are available for adoption individually.

This is my favorite litter box for many reasons.

All sizes of cats can use it successfully, from kittens to obese
geriatrics. I've shown the top off
on the right; I recommend beginning that way so the cat can get used to it before encountering the dome.

It is large capacity, great for multiple cats. It has no corners,which inhibit cleaning (vinegar is
the best thing for litter boxes, especially with lime build up). Litter is contained much better
than any other box I have ever used; very little even comes down the ramp. Cats don't tend to lay in it as they have in my other boxes,both clean and dirty.
It is also great to keep "snacking" dogs out of the box,although one of my friends
commented that it doesn't apply to chihuahuas. They think she bought one for them
to go in, go out, go in, go out!

The best part? At Pet Stuff Resale, it costs about half of what you'd pay at a pet store and of course as everything I sell, has been disinfected.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Pet Stuff Resale small dog snuggly things-PART 2

This is a child's sleeping bag made of the same parachute material as the jacket in the previous post. My small foster
dogs jockey for position the second this hits the floor! Folded up, it makes for wonderful burrowing.
Both of these girls will be available
after their terrible skin conditions improve, they have made rapid progress since I picked them up. The one on the left also has to be treated for heartworms and they do not need to be placed
together. Their working names are Cutie and Tootie.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Pet Stuff Resale tip for small dogs-snuggling material

This is Tootie-she and another chihuahua came into rescue with such terrible skin condition it will be months before they are available for adoption. Like true small dogs, they immediately took to burrowing and loved my jacket. If I'm on the floor playing with them, another chi will trying to climb in behind me thru the armholes. (I can't get a picture of that!)

I buy items like this with the parachute material in the summer months to use with the tiny dogs all year round. In keeping with recycling and saving money I like to share these tips
with pet owners.