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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Foster dogs and sweaters need new homes at Pet Stuff Resale:)

Flan the chihuahua is now all of 14 weeks old and waiting for his new home. He is crate "aware", not quite trrained yet and has learned to whip out of his sweater in seconds flat! He plays nicely by himself with stuffies, but also likes to play with other dogs and LOVES to run thru the leaves at the park across the street.
He was turned in at a shelter as a stray at 4 weeks, who would leave a tiny puppy outside?

Kirby the 7 year old cocker (I thought he was 10) has no interest in removing his sweater, he likes them, wanted a new one on our last trip to Petsmart. He wants a home who handles his slight dominance with
a firm but gentle manner; he understands immediately that he has pushed his luck just a hair too far. He is
a very nice dog, TOTALLY housebroken, quiet and a great walking dog. He has the demeanor of a 4 year old dog. His owner died and he has been in my care since August. He has learned to get along with other dogs and loves to ride in the truck, can't figure out why we sometimes walk right past it!

Both dogs are available for adoption thru a shelter and so are both sweaters for 4.00 and 7.00 at Pet Stuff Resale!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Febreeze Flameless Luminary a great present for pet owners anytime.

What a great present this was from my good friend Greta Jean, who is a Foo-Foo Queen, but this is practical also. The flameless part is a self explanatory safety feature for any pet owner, who can remember turned over, broken and chewed possessions from their first day of fostering or ownership of an animal.
The aroma is delightful;I received green tea citrus. In fact it was a little strong for my small master bedroom
because I have to be extra careful with scents around my macaw, Harpo. It is perfect in the living room.

The price, at 14.99 (at Walgreens) was a little stiff for a self proclaimed tightwad (which Greta knows well!), but having tried it, I will repurchase. I have counted 4 dead  "half" candles around my house due to wicks burning out, so the price is worth it for the long term results. Each luminary lasts 4 hours
and can be turned off merely by raising the little scent holder. The refills are very inexpensive and grab your
heart, the batteries are included!
The luminary is part ofthe Febreeze Home Collection with similiar items and is easy to find using Google.
I have not been paid for this recommendation. This is just the best aroma difuser I have ever used.
Thank you Greta!
She is also my friend who fostered and adopted the L O N G dachshund, Mikey and adopted the 13 year
old Snoop dachshund, even paying for his long over due dental, both of whom have been featured in a previous blog.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Precious Dog Faces in Houston

These faces grabbed my attention, all for different reasons. The retriever at the top was patiently waiting for his owner who was in a donut shop near Tomball; I am very partial to older dog faces.
Pancho on the left has just about one of the neatest faces I have ever seen on a dog! He did not want his picture taken and his owner was very patient while I tried repeatedly to get Pancho to look ..just for a second!
The tiny chi girl on the right had the sniffles and her owner was looking for a vet; I so hope she found one
for this little pink princess.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Pet Stuff Resale recommends Fireplug Bed and Bath-Katy Texas

These cute faces caught my eye this week at Becky's. They are enjoying doggie day care, complete with
a big chair in the back of the picture! Becky used to be in with Kingsland Blvd Animal Clinic and now is right next door. She is so good that my friend Sheila has to book 6 weeks in advance to get her dog Chase groomed and won't go anywhere else.
There are also lots of foo foo items for sale for the discriminating dog!
As with any of my recommendations, Fireplug Bed and Bath doesn't even know I am doing this and I can't
be influenced to promote a pet business in which I don't have full confidence.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

2 declawed cats dumped by different owners need happier ending

Frankie was left at a vet clinic overnight in a small crate with a note saying
his owner had lost their job. He is a 3 year old blue tabby and very l o n g.

Tucker was dumped at a shelter because his owner "no longer had time for him". He is a Siamese mix and VERY affectionate. Tucker is about 2 years old.

Both were so hissy at the shelter they could not be put up for adoption without some chill time,but have settled in nicely at my house. They are  with other cats and small dogs. There have been no issues living with cats that are not declawed.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

8.2 lb pupster needs a new knee and a new name

This one year old LIVELY male(yorkie mix?) obviously has belonged to someone recently; he is clean and heartworm negative. Why he is not neutered and microchipped is beyond me. Two of us could not get him to look at the camera, he was a little wild man. He was just as squirmy at the vet. This injury is rather old and needs either fixing or amputation. I was hoping he could just be put up for adoption as a special needs dog, but
the vet evaluation proved that would not be responsible
rescue protocol. The "fixit" is estimated to be 750.00(very reasonable) and amputation willbe 350.00. Shelter resources are never flush so this is not a dog that could be saved in the current economy.....however with a couple of dollars here and there and 2 people tell 2 other people he could have a happy life.
A generous donor instantly wrote  a check for 150.00 today without even seeing a picture of the dog, so I am hopeful.

Next he needs a name. Due to his activity level, I looked at a naming site under traits and
found several for active dogs. My choices are Deuce, Boogie(I could all night long) and Nitro.
Please vote for your favorite. Several people have indicated problems trying to comment on previous blog posts, so please let me know if that happens.

Many thanks to the mystery vet who donated the xrays!

ps-He will also wake up neutered!
pps-Of course he will need a new home as well.