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Monday, December 14, 2009

Precious Dog Faces in Houston

These faces grabbed my attention, all for different reasons. The retriever at the top was patiently waiting for his owner who was in a donut shop near Tomball; I am very partial to older dog faces.
Pancho on the left has just about one of the neatest faces I have ever seen on a dog! He did not want his picture taken and his owner was very patient while I tried repeatedly to get Pancho to look ..just for a second!
The tiny chi girl on the right had the sniffles and her owner was looking for a vet; I so hope she found one
for this little pink princess.


V. Bridges-Hoyt said...

Thanks for posting a comment on my Texas Sauce Art Life blog today. I'm always happy to meet anyone else who is in the business of helping animals in need ... and knowing you are in Houston is even better. You've captured some good photos here.

Cynthia said...

LOVE that sweet Sharpei face, Pancho! :o)