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Friday, May 28, 2010

Bingo a hit with Pepsi Refresh Project and PRP update

This precious little chihuahua/rat terrier  has gone from heartworm positive stray to TV and blog star! He first came onto my radar thru my bud,  HOPE cat volunteer Lynn.  His face was not only picked out of several pictures to be featured on a future blog article about the grant award providing heartworm treatments, but
will also be in the 15 sec ABC spot currently being edited for local showing. What most people won't see is a great shot of Bingo getting tired of me fliming with a horse and he snaps at Stormy, then jumps back as if he realizes how big his opponent was!

Most importantly is that dogs are receiving treatment. Cinco, from All Texas Dachshund Rescue was the
first dog treated. A red dachshund mix male, you can probably guess what day in May he came into rescue.
TR from Country Hearts, a large male sweetie hound with Kate Harward and Buddy, a black lab  being fostered by JoAnn at Fondren 5 Star Kennel (regular client of Pet Stuff Resale) have also been treated.

Part of this project is being done to honor dogs that were not able to be saved, due to owner neglect. Pepsi
was a wonderful black chow pulled from BARC and scheduled to be the first dog treated. Sadly pneumonia on top of a heavy load of heartworms took his life just as he was being scheduled. Thanks to Laura for loving him.

Many more  dogs are scheduled and vets are being their usual generous selves donating the time. Many, many thanks to Chestnut Animal Hospital in Bellaire, whose connected non profit arm is functioning as HQ for this incredible project.
None of this could have been possible without the Pepsi Refresh Project and LOTS of willing voters!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Stainless steel cages in at Pet Stuff Resale

Stainless steel is such a time saver in the pet world. It cleans faster than plastic(I have LOTS of experience
in this area!) , rarely stains and lasts longer than any other material I have ever seen.
This cage is intended for cats or small dogs and two are available. They measure 18x18x32. The picture looks a little distorted.
45.00 each

Monday, May 3, 2010

Multipurpose Plastic Play Yard popular request at Pet Stuff Resale

This plastic play yard is even more versatile than a wire exercise pen. The hole configuration of the walls reduces climbing, very common in chihuahuas and yorkies. It can also be used for small kittens and rabbits and guinea pigs.

This is 26' tall and each panel is 33", so 17 linear ft total.
At the big box pet stores it runs 79.00 to 89.00.
At Pet Stuff Resale it is 55.00
The 2 litter mates Mandy and Pandy are still up for adoption. At  just under 2 years, they are 15 lbs each.