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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

More dog faces in the crowd

Several people commented positively when I did a "dog faces in the crowd" before, so I am doing another one!
This is Raven and her eyes always look like this, not just at the vet~another dog not interested in a camera....

So many parts of my job are fun; seeing so many different dogs is one of them. The 2 babies above were terribly cute together and didn't really want to stop sniffing for a photo op:)
All of these dogs were at the Greater Good just by coincidence.
This is Sandy with her foster person who had found her 2 years ago. Sandy was getting a last heartworm test
before meeting her new mom.
So many aspects of rescue, especially with the economy(or using the economy as an excuse), are sad, so I
make a point of finding happy endings or positive rescue stories to share with you.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Pepsi Refresh Project helps more Houston heartworm positive dogs

In the last 2 days 8 more dogs have gone thru partial or complete heartworm treatment, thanks to the 5,000.00 grant awarded by Pepsi. This is Penny and Rex above. Wanda and Sasha  also received
their first shot of the long treatment, they will get 2 more shots in 30 days. Donna Reed (The vet  on this dog is so young she didn't know who Donna Reed was:) and Owen received their first shots as well.
Gypsy is a not only beautiful, but SO well behaved, shy Golden Retriever mix. She completed her treatment
today. She did not want her picture taken, but I will get one to post because she is such a nice dog.

All of these dogs are in all volunteer foster homes with different groups and will be available for adoption
after their treatment. All are already altered and current on vaccines including Rabies.
Pet Stuff Resale is  donating all of the gas to get the dogs and get  to the various vet clinics.
A little under half of the grant has been used at this point.  A big hound, 4 dachshunds and a little shy terrier
I am fostering, Savannah, are next.
Thank you Pepsi Refresh Project and all of you voters!