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Monday, August 29, 2011

Mature Houston dog faces in the crowd

Senior dogs just have personality with which NO puppy can compete! These two precious babies were adopted from PugHearts and their parents are active volunteers with that group. Emma is on the right and I confess I forgot her older buddy's name and it was a very cute one....They were spotted at the Greater Good spay/neuter clinic.

This elderly dachshund ended up at a shelter and has so many medical problems he is not adoptable so will be going to a very nice hospice home.
He has LOTS Of heartworms and intestinal parasites and the few teeth he has are in pretty bad shape. At about 15 years old he is still very spritely and being intact, wants to take on a few of the much younger dogs! He has probably never darkened the door of a vet clinic.....sigh

This laid back baby was also spotted at the Greater Good and his name is Tex(I think)
Yea, he is neutered and on heartworm preventioni!
I like to showcase older dogs and their happy endings and devoted owners..

Oops, a youngster snuck in the blog! This is Blue, a very nice and well behaved "pibble"as we like to call them in rescue! His owner was very nice during my neuter speech and had actually tried to get him in one day at the Greater Good, but was a little late. He promised to come back, possibly to avoid getting the speech from me again:) Blue, like many dogs, was not a fan of the camera....
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