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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Five small dog napping niches for under $10 at Pet Stuff Resale

This 17x17 canvas cube holds its shape after being jumped on, so small dogs still feel elevated, an all important factor! The base is plastic so it stays cleaner. It also has a pouch for holdinng treats and toys. 9.00

This hideaway is held in place by velcro so can fold up for transport to your weekend swankienda. Gives small dogs a place to hide, yet watch all that is going on. About 12x17, it has a removeable fleecy pad. 8.00 

 These mummy sleeping bags(their real description) are addictive for small, burrowing dogs. They can be used unzipped  for several dogs or folded over for just one dog. The pink one is about 4 ft long, the blue one a tad shorter and is from REI . I currently have 3 sleeping bags on  my bed to reduce encroachment skirmishes.  8.00

Your dog could be here!
 This vinyl cube also holds its shape when a dog jumps into it and is a little lighter in weight than the canvas one, but the same size.  7.00

All of these items have been consumer tested by various rodents at my house, mostly chihuahuas, and meet their admittedly low standards. If it's soft, they are happy. I can vouch for durabiity and cleanliness!

A reminder that if you take a picture of your pet in/on any itme purchased form Pet Stuff Resale, I will feature them in a future blog.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

We will NOT look at the camera, we made a pact!

These precious babies were turned into a shelter together as strays. They are all the same age, about 18 months old and the two rough coated ones are obviously litter mates and the 3rd smaller one may be as well. They are all altered and heartworm negative. I have been fostering them for about 6 months as they had no social skills, but I have yet to come up with good names; Eenie, Meeny and Moe didn't work, nor did Larry, Moe and Curly. Don't even suggest Huey, Louie and Dewey! The 2 rough coated ones are a male and female at 8 lbs and the other one, a 5 pounder, I call HoneyB after her lookalike Honey the Pibble. I would like to place the pair together and all 3 will need patient homes as they are still a tad spooky. Of course al adult homes are needed in ths case. They are crate trained and skilled at both burrowing and snuggling.They are also fine with other dogs, even bigger ones.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Dog adopters get 10.00 discount at Pet Stuff Resale

Beginning today, November 1st 2010, Pet Stuff Resale will reward shelter and rescue group dog adopters with 10.00 off any crate 35.00 or above. This applies to both new and used crates and is good anytime before to 3 days after the adoption. All used crates are disinfected and this is my cell number so people can reach me immediately: 817-480-8400.
This baby was successfully treated for heartworms by a grant from the Pepsi Refresh Project.
As a one person business I won't be able to reach everyone. I cover Southwest, West and Northwest Houston area mostly. Please share this with not only your buds but rescue folk as well:). I am trying to get even more attention to dogs from shelters and rescue groups that need homes.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Terrier rescued........for the 4th or 5th time, needs lifetime home

This girl deserves so much better than the life she has led so far, much of which is murky. She ended up at a shelter about 3 years ago and was soon
adopted, what great luck! Well, not really, she showed up again last week at the same shelter as a stray....hhmmmmm. Thanks to microchip technology, her adopter was contacted, so yea! Well, not really, turns out she had been
given away shortly after adoption; the next owner didn't realize she was chipped when she turned her in as a stray...The original adopter was "incensed"at her supposed friend, but not too incensed to reclaim the dog. After all, she has a child now....
She was advised that the dog had been allowed to get heartworms and combined with a massive fear of being picked up, she was not considered to be adoptable. Oh, well...she declined to go get her.

I walked past this dogs cage several days in a row and tried to get her to let me pick her up....nothing doing, she wanted me to see ALLLLLLL of her teeth.
I kept going because she let a few people pick her up even though

I had her signed out to me permanently instead of fostering.
The first night was terrible and I don't mind admitting that I gave up on her,
thinking of the liability. My plan to have a vet check her out for physical problems wasn't needed as she tolerated some handling, just not moi!
I didn't need any more behaviorial problems.
She of course let me pick her up in the morning so I changed my mind, whereupon she reverted back when it was time to come in...but I decided
to chart her responses to keep my sanity and stop mentally seesawing~ This enabled me to see increasing consistency.

In less than a week she is quite well behaved, making me wonder what instigated it in the first place..

Next week we will begin heartworm treatment. I will be funding that myself
and adopting her out when it is completed to someone who will make their home her LAST home.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

1/2 price on almost EVERYTHING at CAP thrift store all Halloween weekend!!

WOW, a great sale at CAP thrift store where all proceeds go to benefit the animals. This is both Saturday and Sunday in both sections; there is a regular area and an annex. (Pet Stuff Resale has pet items in front of the
annex 12-4 both days) There are just a few more expensive items that are
not 1/2 price and they are marked.

The thrift store is in the same center as Citizens for Animal Protection,
11925 Katy Freeway, 77079. Hours are 10:00-5:30 on Sat and noon to 5:30
on Sunday.

Items run from household, clothes and books to furniture, collectibles
and art.

Please keep the thrift store in mind for both purchasing and donating
useable items. Donating unuseable items just adds to their haul off costs.

You are also welcome to visit the shelter and bring newspapers and puppy and kitten food(no colored kibbles, please) this weekend to help the
furry babies~

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Devil outfit for tiny dog at Pet Stuff Resale

This 4 lb chihuahua was dumped at a shelter by his owner and is very precious, so the outfit is definitely on the WRONG body! Leo was less than thrilled by both the camera and the outfit, so not interested in showing
just how cute this is. It does have a pointed tail and stuffed ears and says "Devilish Dog" on the back. (The neck is not stretched out, Leo just flat refused to let the hoodie part stay on his head!) I did try a more accommodating canine model, but this doesn't fit a 5 lb chihuahua.
5.00 at Pet Stuff Resale just in time for Halloween!
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Monday, September 27, 2010

Extra spacious play yard in at Pet Stuff Resale

This play yard is a frequently requested item at Pet Stuff Resale for several reasons. They can be used outside  as they are plastic so do not rust. They are actually sturdier than the metal xpens, so harder to
knock over by rambunctious pupsters. The best part for me is that the "hole" configuration makes it tougher
for agile Yorkies and chihuahuas to climb; a problem with the metal xpens with vertical and horizontal (ie, perching) bars.
This folds easily for mobility and the walls are 31" tall. It is great for small dogs and dogs being fostered for heartworms.
New in pet stores this is 89.00.
At Pet Stuff Resale, with 2 extra panels, it is 75.00

Sunday, September 19, 2010

More heartworm positive dogs saved thanks to Pepsi

We are now up to 27 dogs saved with the help of the 5,000.00 grant I was awarded in March thru the Pepsi Refresh Everything Project. This includes 82 lb Leo, a chocolate lab turned into the SPCA when his owners divorced. This put a huge burden on Lab Rescue of Southeast Rescue, so I was very happy to provide his treatment.
Today in the CyFair section of the paper Valerie Sweeten of the Houston Chronicle did a nice story
on the cause and mentioned Chestnut Animal Hospital. Dr Snyder and her staff have aided me TREMENDOUSLY since 1986 in my rescue efforts. Chestnut Rehab is a separate 501 (c)(3) nonprofit
that has been handling the drug needed to treat the Pepsi dogs and have graciously offered to extend
additional help. Donations are tax deductible and 100% is used for treating the dogs with immiticide.
Very few nonprofits can make that statement.
Houston is the number one market for the use of the drug Immiticide. Instead of that horrendous statistic, I would like Houston to be the number one user for the use of PREVENTION.

This is Chicken, saved by heartworm treatment and adopted! He got his name because his bark sounds just like a chicken..

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


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More happy endings due to heartworm treatments

This is Jupiter, a darling 5 year old terrier mix, maybe a huge 8 lbs. He is being treated for heartworms
Posted by Picasathru a shelter.

This stunning beauty is 5 year old Franchesca, also maybe 8 lbs. After a little bout with kennel cough, she
 is scheduled thru a shelter to be waited on like royalty at Rover Oaks Katy during her treatment.I normally do not show pictures of dogs before they are available for adoption, but I wanted to show just 2 of the many, many dogs in Houston with heartworms and
how many more we could be saving.  There are many more that breed specific rescue groups have taken in that need treating as well.  

The Pepsi grant I was awarded has allowed more dogs to be treated, especially bigger dogs that are normally too expensive to treat.(Sheltie Sanctuary and Golden Beginnings, you have been a delight to help!) That 5,000.00 funding is winding down, with 20 dogs treated so far, so
I am looking for other sources so this life saving work can continue.
Chestnut Rehab is a 501(c)(3) non profit connected to (but scrupulously separate from)  Chestnut Animal Hospital in Bellaire, Tx.
It is a bare bones operation, 100% of any donation is not only tax deductible, but the Rehab
keeps costs as low as possible. It is not intended to do mass rescue but help in small ways and
heartworm treatments are a huge way to  help without depleting Rehabs staff and operations.
Your donation will help both shelter and rescue group dogs.
Donations (with the notation "heartworm treatments") can be mailed to Chestnut Rehab,
4834 Chestnut
Bellaire, Tx 77401

Chestnut Animal Hospital has helped me in rescue since 1986. Dr Sandra Snyder, her vet staff
and techs and receptionists and especially office manager Tina have been incredible to me over the years.

Monday, August 23, 2010

New Kidco metal walk thru gate and extension in at Pet Stuff Resale

This is still in the original box. The white center gate extends from 29" to 37", the extension is 12 1/2". It is
pressure mounted so no damage to door jambs. It is 29" tall. All of the bars are vertical so dogs cannot climb it and the spacing between bars is 2 1/4 ", so most pets cannot squeeze thru it.

The original invoices were still inside; the gate was 89.95 and the extension was 34.95.
At Pet Stuff Resale they are 70.00 together.

TIP: I purchased this at a thrift type place where it had probably been donated. Both the invoice and the boxes had the original buyers name, address and even phone number. Please be sure to remove or obliterate
any personal information on anything you sell, donate or even throw out. I see this fairly often.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

1/2 everything at animal shelter thrift store in Houston and visit Pet Stuff Resale also!

CAP thrift store is having a surprise(not anymore) 1/2 price sale on everything in their main store on Sunday.
Here's a chance to get some bargains and bring in donations as well. It's also a chance to see stuff from
Pet Stuff Resale I haven't gotten on the website yet!

The thrift store is next to the shelter and I am in front of the Greater Good next to the thrift noon to 4.
This is on the south feeder road between Dairy Ashford and Kirkwood-turn in at the Murphy's Deli.

See you there!

I will even have a camping set up, tent, chairs, floats..all for 70.00-still has original 129.00 price tag on it.
Email me for my cell number -ok, I am even texting now finally!
Janet Huey

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ch 13 TV films Pepsi heartworm story with Pet Stuff Resale clients and rescue volunteers

Jester Plaza Vet Clinic hosted Ch 13 Executive Producer
Molly O'Connor, cameraman Mike and intern Ann for a Pepsi Refresh Project story about canine heartworms. This is the program from which I received the 5,000.00 grant from Pepsi thanks to many people voting in an online competition. Volunteers from
HOPE and sheltie rescue brought their dogs Frankie  and Milo, who have either been treated or
are getting treatment. Joann, co owner of Fondren 5 Star kennel and regular customer of Pet Stuff Resale,(Thank you!) brought Buddy the black lab who was the hit of the interview. He is ready for his permanent home. I brought foster dachshund Sam, who weathered me being interviewed in the heat
at NOON, right after his shot-very poor planning on my part! (Dr Burda was interviewed in the air conditioning, hmmmm)
Molly and Mike did a great job of showcasing the horrendous problem of heartworms in Houston, a totally preventable disease. "Prevention is so much cheaper than treatment" is my manta. Treatment is also
incredible painful.

Many thanks to the volunteers and also to Dr Burda for his help, as well as Tricia Burda who did a
great job of facilitating our little circus!

The 1 minute story will air Sunday August 8 2010, after
the 10 pm news on CH 13, ABC.

Owen, top left, is almost ready for adoption and Mikey
on the left has been adopted after treatment.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Those important bellybands for male dogs available In Houston and at Dog Show

A very important accessory for many small male dogs will be at the Houston Dog Show this weekend.
Bellybands are are literally a life saver for male dogs as often adopters will want to "get rid" of a dog who marks or does submissive urinating. Male dogs get adopted at a much lower rate than females because
many adopters will not even consider a male dog, even one who has no such behaviorial problems.
This is particularly sad as more males come into rescue and shelters than females and are often calmer pets
than females after neutering.

Bellybands and other doggie stuff will be at the Carlisle Groom and Board booth this weekend -RS43.
They are also sold locally at the business at 2517 South Blvd in the Museum District. 713-521-2273

Rebecca woke one of her foster chihuahuas to model a bellyband but  the pic does not want to download.aaarrgghh

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

More dog faces in the crowd

Several people commented positively when I did a "dog faces in the crowd" before, so I am doing another one!
This is Raven and her eyes always look like this, not just at the vet~another dog not interested in a camera....

So many parts of my job are fun; seeing so many different dogs is one of them. The 2 babies above were terribly cute together and didn't really want to stop sniffing for a photo op:)
All of these dogs were at the Greater Good just by coincidence.
This is Sandy with her foster person who had found her 2 years ago. Sandy was getting a last heartworm test
before meeting her new mom.
So many aspects of rescue, especially with the economy(or using the economy as an excuse), are sad, so I
make a point of finding happy endings or positive rescue stories to share with you.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Pepsi Refresh Project helps more Houston heartworm positive dogs

In the last 2 days 8 more dogs have gone thru partial or complete heartworm treatment, thanks to the 5,000.00 grant awarded by Pepsi. This is Penny and Rex above. Wanda and Sasha  also received
their first shot of the long treatment, they will get 2 more shots in 30 days. Donna Reed (The vet  on this dog is so young she didn't know who Donna Reed was:) and Owen received their first shots as well.
Gypsy is a not only beautiful, but SO well behaved, shy Golden Retriever mix. She completed her treatment
today. She did not want her picture taken, but I will get one to post because she is such a nice dog.

All of these dogs are in all volunteer foster homes with different groups and will be available for adoption
after their treatment. All are already altered and current on vaccines including Rabies.
Pet Stuff Resale is  donating all of the gas to get the dogs and get  to the various vet clinics.
A little under half of the grant has been used at this point.  A big hound, 4 dachshunds and a little shy terrier
I am fostering, Savannah, are next.
Thank you Pepsi Refresh Project and all of you voters!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Bingo a hit with Pepsi Refresh Project and PRP update

This precious little chihuahua/rat terrier  has gone from heartworm positive stray to TV and blog star! He first came onto my radar thru my bud,  HOPE cat volunteer Lynn.  His face was not only picked out of several pictures to be featured on a future blog article about the grant award providing heartworm treatments, but
will also be in the 15 sec ABC spot currently being edited for local showing. What most people won't see is a great shot of Bingo getting tired of me fliming with a horse and he snaps at Stormy, then jumps back as if he realizes how big his opponent was!

Most importantly is that dogs are receiving treatment. Cinco, from All Texas Dachshund Rescue was the
first dog treated. A red dachshund mix male, you can probably guess what day in May he came into rescue.
TR from Country Hearts, a large male sweetie hound with Kate Harward and Buddy, a black lab  being fostered by JoAnn at Fondren 5 Star Kennel (regular client of Pet Stuff Resale) have also been treated.

Part of this project is being done to honor dogs that were not able to be saved, due to owner neglect. Pepsi
was a wonderful black chow pulled from BARC and scheduled to be the first dog treated. Sadly pneumonia on top of a heavy load of heartworms took his life just as he was being scheduled. Thanks to Laura for loving him.

Many more  dogs are scheduled and vets are being their usual generous selves donating the time. Many, many thanks to Chestnut Animal Hospital in Bellaire, whose connected non profit arm is functioning as HQ for this incredible project.
None of this could have been possible without the Pepsi Refresh Project and LOTS of willing voters!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Stainless steel cages in at Pet Stuff Resale

Stainless steel is such a time saver in the pet world. It cleans faster than plastic(I have LOTS of experience
in this area!) , rarely stains and lasts longer than any other material I have ever seen.
This cage is intended for cats or small dogs and two are available. They measure 18x18x32. The picture looks a little distorted.
45.00 each

Monday, May 3, 2010

Multipurpose Plastic Play Yard popular request at Pet Stuff Resale

This plastic play yard is even more versatile than a wire exercise pen. The hole configuration of the walls reduces climbing, very common in chihuahuas and yorkies. It can also be used for small kittens and rabbits and guinea pigs.

This is 26' tall and each panel is 33", so 17 linear ft total.
At the big box pet stores it runs 79.00 to 89.00.
At Pet Stuff Resale it is 55.00
The 2 litter mates Mandy and Pandy are still up for adoption. At  just under 2 years, they are 15 lbs each.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pet Stuff Resale celebrates Earth Day with a little PSR history

Established in 1997, Pet Stuff Resale came into being because I saw a need
for people to save money when their puppy outgrew its crate and needed a new one. I also saw things thrown out when the pet died. I was actually surprised that no one had thought of this idea before and so far, it appears to still be the only business of its kind in the entire US.

My secondary goal was to keep crates and other pet items out of area landfills; I have made many trips to C and D Scrap Metal in the Heights.
Now I have a trailer and look in Craig's List when it fills up and someone
comes and takes it to recycling for me!

I had an ethical dilemma about burning plastic but have decided that is a lesser impact than taking up so much space in a landfill, as bulky as plastic is.
Fortunately judicious burning is allowed in Waller County; I only have to
landfill during burn ban times.

Many pet items can be reused as different habitats. Once a finch flight
cage became a great snake habitat and a long bird cage was perfect for raising a tiny kitten. This also makes my job incredibly fun.

Pet Stuff Resale also rents and takes trade ins, further extending the reduce, reuse, recycle circle.
Rebel,  above(terrible picture) loved this childs napping cot. Unfortunately for her it was sold immediately
after the picture was taken for an um, plus sized pug. Both the cots and childs sleeping bags are sold often
at Pet Stuff Resale for spoiled dogs who deserve them. Rebel herself was "recycled" or actually "dumped"
at a shelter when she was 12; I adopted her and she is one of the best dogs I have ever had.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Tokyo cage(Cat condo) has multiple uses

This is a great multiple use cage for foster people, vet clinics and people with limited storage space.
Momma cats with kittens or after separating them is a great use. Feral cat acclimation is another popular use. The ferret cage is a little diffferent, but this can also be used for them, as well as small parrots.

This is a generic brand that is very similiar to the Midwest brand, which is a very good brand.
I specifically recommend not getting the Pro Select brand. Even after they made improvements,
I am sure due to consumer complaints, it is not the same quality and as long as these cages last,
get the better construction. This folds up nicely, can be stored under or behind a sofa when not in use. The folded up wire fits into the base

This one came into Pet Stuff Resale without the wheels; they are inexpensive and available at any hardware store. I prefer them with out the wheels as dust cannot accumulate under it. The shelves are rather difficult to install(in any Tokyo cage); one attachment has broken, can still be used as a lower shelf. I can also show you how to make an easier shelf.

I have never learned why it is called a Tokyo cage. It is confusing to call it a cat condo because
to some people that is a carpeted item.


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Thursday, April 15, 2010

2 Blue Heeler mix sisters need home together in Houston

These 18 month old sisters are great fun and play nonstop, keeping each other entertained all day. They
are very shy around a camera; in the pictures they almost look like wild animals I found in the woods!
I have fostered  them since they were 4 weeks old; I am  sometimes criticized for keeping fosters too long,
but am particularly glad I did here. Their behavior has changed somewhat as adults; they will gang up
on a submissive dog now, but get along with other assertive dogs.
Mom was a blue heeler, the owner said a chihuahua was also one of the daddies. They are both under 15 lbs
and are at full weight. They are spayed and crate trained.
Mandy is the darker one and is a little dominant over Pandy, the lighter one.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Houston heartworm positive dogs treated thanks to anonymous donor.

These incredibly lucky dogs don't know anything about the down economy. They don't know just how lucky they are, having their expensive treatment paid for. They don't know how many dogs don't get foster homes.
They only know they are now clean and  fed and part of someones family.

All 3 of these dogs are alive because of a dedicated anonymous donor who feels our rescue angst that
dogs have to die only due to their owners neglect. This person decided that something needed to be done
and created a project that is funding the  drug immiticide used for treatment. These are just some of the
dogs saved so far; 3 others were treated this week.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Houston dogs live due to Pepsi Refresh grant!

People all over the US have been voting every day (some for 2 months straight!) in the Pepsi Refresh Project in hopes of a 5,000.00 grant to treat heartworm positive dogs in Houston. This is a major medical problem and expensive to treat. The sad situation is that it is so much cheaper to prevent than treat. The burden falls
on shelters and rescue groups to, in essence, clean up after ignorant or noncompliant owners. In the current economy, many fewer dogs have been able to be saved, so the grant potential has literally been a lifesaver.
Thanks to Pepsi for providing the resources for me
to help.

This little boy and the buddy he came in with will benefit
from every ones hard work.
If you register to be a blog follower you will get regular updates and LOTS of pictures over several months. The Pepsi verification will take several weeks, so keep in touch to see the lucky dog faces. The first dog treated will be from sheltie rescue.
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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Help this rescue pom get a new name

 This precious 7 year old baby needs multiple medical issues addressed, as well as a name. He was turned in as a stray; he needs neutering, a dental and some major orthopedic "fixin". He has a luxating patella so severe it makes his knee curve under his belly; his only complaint is that he can't switch sides when it comes
to marking my 18 pine trees!
He is also fighting pneumonia, which will give me time to come up with a creative fundraising project for the
knee. A certain vet sometimes slips during surgery  and a dog ends up neutered, it's weird, so we're probably  looking at 550.00 for dental and knee.
Thank you God for all of my vets!
He is heartworm negative and weighs maybe 7 lbs.
Now to the most important task, a new name!
His working name is Elfin. Please add your original suggestions here to give him a new name to go with
his new start!

Friday, March 26, 2010

It's raining cats and chihuahuas in Houston rescue

Kitten season runs from March to November in Houston, where  more kittens are available for adoption than there are homes. Even sadder, the availability of kittens overwhelms shelters and rescue groups with "less adoptable" adult cats. Talk about age discrimination! I don't get it. I am currently fostering Stephen Lee the kitten, who is a definite deterrent to me fostering a kitten in the future. He is on the left in the orange cat picture.(ok, he is really a cream tabby, not orange) He is very cute but very energetic.Fortunately the adult male cats have pretty much raised him; the females have tried to ignore him. SL was handed to me when he weighed 8 oz and is named after Stephen L. Burda, DVM of Jester Plaza Vet Clinic who saved his life(mostly by email :) when he had multiple problems. One eye is slightly smaller than the other as well.
Temple on the right was himself raised by a surrogate mom after his biological mom killed the rest of his litter
and he in turn has helped raise Stephen Lee. He is a year old and named after a type of Florida orange.

The top picture features another overabundant breed rescue "client". Chihuahuas are everywhere! Yes, Paris Hilton did contribute to this problem, but so did Traders Village in my opinion and Taco Bell was the original criminal. Their demand at shelters has gone way down. 3 year old  Rica on the left feels discriminated against. She came from a backyard breeder of a different breed, who surrendered those dogs to that rescue. I was asked take Rica(and her heartworms). She has been successfully treated and has also settled down a bunch. She is quite the snuggler and despite the picture, does get along with cats.

Not showing well, but also an affectionate, sometimes sportingly feisty baby, is Tucker. He is a 2-3 year old
declawed Siamese male, dumped at a shelter by an owner who could no longer be bothered. He has been
a great coparent to SL and of course gets along with dogs.

All of these babies need permanent homes...outta of mine! They all are used to dry food only and none are
picky eaters nor have any health problems.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Keep voting at the Pepsi Refresh Project for heartworm positive dogs in Houston

Another update-We are hanging on to #7 in the voting to receive a 5000.00 grant to treat heartworm positive dogs in Houston! I am cautiously optimistic; would like to be a little further away from the bubble, so
please email your buds to still vote everyday until 3/31. I have had the best luck with this website designation: Thanks to so many people who have faithfully done this to ensure saving a bunch of dogs.
We are under The Planet.
Emme, pictured in the last update, did start the slow treatment, so that is good news!

I am picking up a really sad looking Norwich terrier from Harric County on Thursday, she is probably going to be heartworm positive. She is so matted I am hoping no mosquitos were able to get thru.Thanks to the
phantom donor who is paying her transfer fee outta there! For some reason I cannot dowwnload her picture
here but have been able to email it, so feel free to ask to see her!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Pepsi Refresh Project for heartworm dogs in Houston, like Emme

I have neglected to give an updated status, I am so sorry!

We were stuck at #18 then #16 place for much of the 1st  Pepsi Refresh promotion last month. I decided not to try again in this monthly project because I didn't want to be intrusive to people. Pepsi however automatically reentered
every one from #11 to #100.(yea!) We have not been below #9 yet this month. Since they fund the top
10 projects in the voting, I am so pleased and excited that so many people have stuck with it.

This is Emme, a silky terrier mix, who has been waiting for heartworm treatment since November 09. I will be fostering her as
long as it takes. She is 3 years old and weighs 14.6 lbs. She is so very shy she will need a fairly quiet, all adult home. She says a home with other small dogs and/or cats is ok.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Wheel Away transports dogs in style, saves your back

The Wheel Away is one of the sturdiest doggie "totes" I have ever evaluated. In fact, it is so conducive
to being rolled on the ground that I do not recommend it to be used as a back pack, for which it is also
made. This is the medium size, up to maybe 15 lbs. (I never trust manufacturer recommendations due to experience, I always test with real animals.) Tugboat weighs 12 lbs.
The materials are canvas and mesh. It does zip all the way to enclose the dog entirely if wanted.
This is in excellent condition. I do not think it was ever even used.
$45.00 at Pet Stuff Resale

The hesitant model Tugboat is my own dog. I fostered his litter (during Hurricane Ike!) after his owner turned them in as an unexpected litter. I so hope he got the mom spayed, he did keep her.
She was a Blue Heeler and he said one of the dads was a chihuahua. I thought Tugboat was the runt, but then figured out his size is the chihuahua influence. When even his female littermates weighed 2
lbs., he was barely 1 lb.

(His 2 sisters Mandy and Pandy are still up for adoption. They are stunning looking, look like long haired miniature Blue heelers at 15 lbs each. Yes, I have pictures.)
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Monday, February 22, 2010

Cat Heaven at Jester Plaza Vet Clinic

The headline and pictures could be the entire blog post! This is the neatest set up I have ever seen
for cats and a great "chill out" room for them. This also doubles as an exam room for exotics. I think it also belongs in cat boarding facilities. Is kitty day care next? For a room like this, cats would travel!

This set up was designed by Tricia Burda, wife
of Dr Steve Burda of Jester Plaza Vet Clinic.
I was so amazed but not suprised by her talent.
She could market the plans for this set up.
I sat in a chair and just soaked up the neatness
of this cat heaven.
The yellow box even has a hidden door to accommodate a litter box.
Those are real tree branch pieces up there also..
Yes, that is a kitty door at the bottom.

Wouldn't ferals have a great time in here? They would never get caught again:)

Complying with Internet rules, I am disclosing that I  have accepted no compensation for this endorsement. In fact the Burdas don't even know I am posting it.

JPVC is near 18th and TC Jester just outside the Loop in Houston, Tx. 713-869-0202

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Heartworm post updated

I did not realize the post would send you directly to the Pepsi website before reading the original post. I do apologize.
Pepsi is sponsoring a promotion to award grants for good ideas across the entire United States. Heartworm
positive dogs are so common in Houston and so expensive to treat, I entered this competition to help rescue groups and shelters with some of the drug used to treat heartworms, Immiticide. The problem has gotten much worse with the economy.People are not buying the prevention as much and relinquishing their pets, now infected. The burden
of more costs added to fewer donations is creating
horrendous problems in the rescue world.
The idea is currently in #16th place and they only fund the top 10 in each category; I am in the 5,000.00 category. All you have to do is vote every day, just until the 28th of February. Please also ask any animal
folks to vote and spread the word via their social networks.
Both of these dogs are alive today due to donated immiticide, each of which expensive bottle only treats
 a 22 lb dog.
The best part about this idea is that you are not asked to give money, just a few moments of your time every day just until 2/28. Please visit heartworm dogs and forward this to other animal fans as well. Please email me at if you have any questions.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lola the Bulldog loves going to the Spa!

As I was standing in Copperfield Grooming chatting with Kat the owner, this lovely lady barrelled into the shop, dragging her owner over to the self service tubs.I couldn't believe it! Lola's owners told me she loves coming in for her baths. It was so cute I had to go get my camera and share her excitement.
Her buddy, whose name I have forgotten, (Benz?) was
the total opposite, he was underwhelmed by the entire
ordeal..His daddy had to load him unwillingly into his tub.
Each dog thought the other one was nuts!

Kat donates groomings regularly for my foster dogs so I
had been happy to loan her some crates for cat neuters.
What a nice surprise to run into this family outing while picking them back up.
Pet Stuff Resale buys, sells and rents new and used pet supplies and I have a TON of fun in the process.
Thank you Lola, for making my day!