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Monday, September 27, 2010

Extra spacious play yard in at Pet Stuff Resale

This play yard is a frequently requested item at Pet Stuff Resale for several reasons. They can be used outside  as they are plastic so do not rust. They are actually sturdier than the metal xpens, so harder to
knock over by rambunctious pupsters. The best part for me is that the "hole" configuration makes it tougher
for agile Yorkies and chihuahuas to climb; a problem with the metal xpens with vertical and horizontal (ie, perching) bars.
This folds easily for mobility and the walls are 31" tall. It is great for small dogs and dogs being fostered for heartworms.
New in pet stores this is 89.00.
At Pet Stuff Resale, with 2 extra panels, it is 75.00

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Goodrich Gal said...

I need this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!