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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Your small dog needs a Bark A Lounger!

One of the neatest things about what I do for a living is finding unusual items
that can be recycled into pet items.

Diva the chihuahua puppy is posing on what she thinks is her throne. A blue corderoy
child's recliner is perfect for napping but small enough that jumping down isn't
a risk. The chair is only 26 inches at the top and 21 inches wide. A nice feature is the material reaching between the chair itself and the foot rest; it keeps a dog from falling between the pieces. Safety is a big concern of mine when choosing pet items to resell.
The best part.....ta Pet Stuff Resale it is only 21.00!

Diva is also looking for the perfect home. She is a whopping 3 lbs and wants an all adult home with a buddy dog. She was a stray turned into a Houston shelter and will
be spayed before going to her new home; I am her foster.
Getting her to remain still for a better picture would have required stapling
her paws to the arm of the lounger:)