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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

BIG BIG kennels at Pet Stuff Resale and a play yard

All eleven plastic and wire kennels fit(snugly) onto my truck yesterday, nesting and stacking nicely eventually, I missed the photo op!

Here's what I have:

The play yard is great for small dogs as the configuration is difficult for them to get their widdle paws in to climb. It is 29" tall and 12 feet long. There are no metal parts to rust so can be left outside.

This is a 48" long drop pin. Not as convenient as the folding models if it needs to be moved often, as there are multiple pieces, but if it stays stationary, the lower price vs the folding variety may be worth it. This is 65.00.
There are 2 more 48" long drop pins available, both black and have some rust. They are 55.00 each.

These two crates are 50.00 each. The one on the left is a 36" long Precision suitcase(folds down in one piece) in good shape.
The one on the right is a 42" long suitcase with some rust, the tray is not rusted thru, that is surface rust only.

In plastic crates: Furrari 550-this discontinued crate is 3 inches wider than the traditional xlarge plastic crate-30x30x40. It has plastic clamps on the sides rather than screws.
Xlarge Pet Porter-the regular tan plastic crate-27x30x40
Pictures of these are available. All kennels have been disinfected.
Thank you Cheryl Jones for facilitating the sale of the 2 Giant crates before I even got them unloaded!

I will be selling near the Greater Good this Saturday instead of BARC and  also on Easter Sunday afternoon.
Email me for my cell number to see what inventory I have each day.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

12 foot wide pet gate and a 3 ft tall shoe as a pet bed?

Ok, I am exaggerating, it's only 33" tall.

This is one of the neatest finds I have ever come across in 14 years of business! It can be used for either cats or dogs.

This gate attaches to either side if a door way and can be angled to accommodate various lenghts up to 12 feet. It is 29 in tall and has a pass thru gate. Additionally, small dogs cannot climb it as it has no horizontal bars.  New these run about 150.00, at Pet Stuff Resale it is 75.00.

The shoe is strong enough for Mike, but surprisingly light and easy to carry.
Possibly the neatest thing is that the cover unzips for washing.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Great buys at Houston shelter thrift store

                                                             These items just came into the CAP thrift store, 11925 Katy Freeway, 77079-281-497-7559
It is open 7 days a week for donations as well as sales. Ask about their weekly specials.

This 55 gal fish tank and stand includes 2 Fluvals and an over the side filter-100.00

These neat wooden tables have wrought iron legs so great in a home that has dogs, no chewed parts!
It is one longer table and 2 side tables for only 80.00.

Save money, help animals-a great combination.
You can do both at Pet Stuff Resale as well.