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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Lucky Lilly gets a new home and a new crate!

This precious baby girl had just been adopted the day before and her family happened onto the Pet Stuff Resale area near the Greater Good vet clinic. Look at that happy face!

They picked out a crate that was just her size and she went into it easily to show her new family how much room she had. Then she was ready to get out and smile some more!
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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wells Fargo bank has pet insurance!

This has been my bank since 1997, when I started Pet Stuff Resale. I was just on the phone
with a representative (and so happy to be speaking to a live person who was not in India).
She was having difficulty accessing my account and made some reference to my password, which big surprise, is one of my dogs name! That triggered the very nice rep, named Rebekkah, to
mention that Wells Fargo offers pet insurance. I think that is pretty neat!

Hosted by Veterinary Pet Insurance 1-888-341-0780, it not only covers traditional pets such as dogs and cats, but also exotics, such as parrots(I have 3), snakes, iguanas, even pot bellied pigs and hedgehogs. Rebekkah and her daughter Simone have 2 pet rats, which are great pets; maybe they are covered also.

I have no experience with this company; this is not an endorsement one way or another, I am just sharing information.
Kudos to Wells Fargo for providing this service.
(Also, kudos to both Rebekkah and a previous rep Jeanine who was helping me when we got cut off. I got great service from them both)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Almost a yard of dachshund!

Mikey is 34" nose to tail and was loaded with heartworms when he arrived at a Houston area shelter, but not anymore. He stayed at the shelter seemingly for ages as no one had room to foster. Dachshund rescue who is very good about taking some of the many dachshunds needing
medical attention was full as well.

My dear friend who got me onto dachshunds (and I paid her back by getting her into greyhound
adoptions:) kindly offered to take him in during heartworm treatment, even though it's a 2 month or more commitment.

Mikey did try a few tricks at first such as "I will push the tray out of my kennel" and "I will
get out of the kennel" but soon settled in and did well during the treatment.

Last week he announced that he was staying there permanently as it was too much trouble to
train in a new person(he is a little bossy, in a polite way). Yea for both Mikey and Greta Jean!

Here's another plea for giving heartworm prevention, It is so much cheaper than treating for heartworm disease and of course the treatment is extremely painful for the dog. It also reduces the number of animals a shelter or rescue can save, both in money and space considerations.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Cat Throw in at Pet Stuff Resale

This neat sofa throw, nap blankie or what have you, has darker tones than this picture shows.

Light weight and comfy it is 44 x63 and only 14.00 at Pet Stuff Resale.

I am really getting into cats lately!
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Friday, August 21, 2009

Plastic exercise pen very popular at Pet Stuff Resale

Sisters Pandy and Mandy are showing how to use a plastic exercise pen to its best use; to lean on so they can see out more! 30" tall and approximately 15 linear feet, it provides ample play area for puppies. The configuration of the plastic discourages climbing puppy feet(Chihuahuas and Poms are notorious climbers) and can be reconfigured easily. It folds up for easy storage.

Many people prefer these to the wire xpens as they do not rust, so can be left outside when needed. This just came into Pet Stuff Resale and is 50.00 plus tax.

Pandy and Mandy have been in my foster care for a year, since they were 6 weeks old. Their mom was a blue heeler and one of the dads was a chihuahua, which shows alot in one of the male

littermates, TugBoat. No one knows the rest of the male lineage! They are both under 15 lbs
and at full growth.

Wish them luck on an adoption interview tomorrow! Many people have inquired about them,
but I have wanted to keep them together as they are very bonded.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

I THINK these kitties like their cat furniture from Pet Stuff Resale:)

Major kudos to their humom for her patience in taking these terrific photos; she admitted salting the "tree" a little with catnip:). There were 12 great shots, I had a very difficult time cutting down to just these 4! Winston the black male is intimidated by absolutely nothing, he looks to be training baby girl Nell to be as feisty.

I recommend that all carpeted cat items be isolated for 90 days as they cannot be
totally cleaned all the way down to the base. Leaving out in the sun doesn't do it
either. I date everything when I get it in if I do not have its history as part of my "everything is sanitized" policy. This was 40.00 at Pet Stuff Resale.

Paco, the red chihuahua in the lower corner of one picture is a rescued baby as are
both of the cats, many thanks to Shelagh for that also!

Cleopatra gets a new home and a new dog crate from Pet Stuff Resale.

This precious baby was a stray and luckily someone took her to a Houston shelter.More luckily for her, a nice lady named Paige and her daughter Maddie adopted her. A two year old fluffy maltese/shih tzu mix, her full name is Cleopatra, Queen of Denial!

Cleo is shown here in her new crate from Pet Stuff Resale where she is very happy for sleepy time. Otherwise she thinks her familys life mission is to keep her tummy rubbed!

With my rescue background I am also pleased when a dog is adopted from a shelter. Thanks to this family for that and for their crate shopping choice.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Edna the Himalayan needs a home

This picture was taken right after she was transferred from one animal agency to another, so m-a-y-b-e I did not catch her at her finest hour:)
Her paperwork had her listed as a Hemi, but her vocalization is not quite that loud!
She is a 4 year old declawed lady currently in a very nice foster home(not mine) and will be available after her upcoming teeth cleaning.

Pet Stuff Resale deals mostly with dogs, both in sales and my rescue efforts, so Edna is showcased
today to show that cats are important also!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Windsor after a visit to Copperfield Grooming

Thanks to Kat for donating this!

Windsor, a Houston rescue dog needs a home

This precious boy has questionable ancestry, but a touch of Schnauzer is in there somewhere!
He is about 4 years old and weighs 10 lbs;I am fostering him. He is very quiet and reserved inside, which is how I came up with his name. He would be fine as an only dog
or with others.
From this picture he looks like a Klingons pet dog!

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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Kirby and Rocky also shoppers at Pet Stuff Resale

This is a continuation of the previous post; same family!
Kirby, on the left and Rocky the chihuahua are consumer testing the oh so chic traveling cube their momma purchased
recently. Note it even has a drawer below for stashing travel
treats, sunglasses and sun screen for those beach moseys
in their stroller.
I so enjoy being the personal shopper for this family!
(The promised photo of Bijoux on the former toddler bed/now big dog bed was corrupted and will not download.)

Friday, August 7, 2009

Happy dog clients of Pet Stuff Resale!

Bijoux and Micah are not the only dog shoppers in this family; Ricky and Rocky the chihuahuas are frequent visitors also to!

Linda and Allen first adopted my former foster Rocky several years and became good friends as well as frequent customers of PSR. In fact, Linda and I just found out thanks to Facebook that we share the same August 1st birthday.

One of the neat things about my relationship with them is that I know when I am shopping and an item is perfect for this multidog family. It just JUMPS out at me!

This toddler bed is a perfect example. When I saw it I thought of Micah; I confess I did not think of Bijoux, but glad Micah shares. (I will show Bijoux in next post) Wick and Wock, as we call them, like hidey places, so any teepee type of housing gets their perusal.

My next appointment with them is to look at a Kittywalk so the chihuahuas can stroll at their
beach house in the shade and not actually walk!

(There are also turtles and chickens at this home, but they do not shop much.)