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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Almost a yard of dachshund!

Mikey is 34" nose to tail and was loaded with heartworms when he arrived at a Houston area shelter, but not anymore. He stayed at the shelter seemingly for ages as no one had room to foster. Dachshund rescue who is very good about taking some of the many dachshunds needing
medical attention was full as well.

My dear friend who got me onto dachshunds (and I paid her back by getting her into greyhound
adoptions:) kindly offered to take him in during heartworm treatment, even though it's a 2 month or more commitment.

Mikey did try a few tricks at first such as "I will push the tray out of my kennel" and "I will
get out of the kennel" but soon settled in and did well during the treatment.

Last week he announced that he was staying there permanently as it was too much trouble to
train in a new person(he is a little bossy, in a polite way). Yea for both Mikey and Greta Jean!

Here's another plea for giving heartworm prevention, It is so much cheaper than treating for heartworm disease and of course the treatment is extremely painful for the dog. It also reduces the number of animals a shelter or rescue can save, both in money and space considerations.

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