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Friday, August 21, 2009

Plastic exercise pen very popular at Pet Stuff Resale

Sisters Pandy and Mandy are showing how to use a plastic exercise pen to its best use; to lean on so they can see out more! 30" tall and approximately 15 linear feet, it provides ample play area for puppies. The configuration of the plastic discourages climbing puppy feet(Chihuahuas and Poms are notorious climbers) and can be reconfigured easily. It folds up for easy storage.

Many people prefer these to the wire xpens as they do not rust, so can be left outside when needed. This just came into Pet Stuff Resale and is 50.00 plus tax.

Pandy and Mandy have been in my foster care for a year, since they were 6 weeks old. Their mom was a blue heeler and one of the dads was a chihuahua, which shows alot in one of the male

littermates, TugBoat. No one knows the rest of the male lineage! They are both under 15 lbs
and at full growth.

Wish them luck on an adoption interview tomorrow! Many people have inquired about them,
but I have wanted to keep them together as they are very bonded.

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