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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Terrier rescued........for the 4th or 5th time, needs lifetime home

This girl deserves so much better than the life she has led so far, much of which is murky. She ended up at a shelter about 3 years ago and was soon
adopted, what great luck! Well, not really, she showed up again last week at the same shelter as a stray....hhmmmmm. Thanks to microchip technology, her adopter was contacted, so yea! Well, not really, turns out she had been
given away shortly after adoption; the next owner didn't realize she was chipped when she turned her in as a stray...The original adopter was "incensed"at her supposed friend, but not too incensed to reclaim the dog. After all, she has a child now....
She was advised that the dog had been allowed to get heartworms and combined with a massive fear of being picked up, she was not considered to be adoptable. Oh, well...she declined to go get her.

I walked past this dogs cage several days in a row and tried to get her to let me pick her up....nothing doing, she wanted me to see ALLLLLLL of her teeth.
I kept going because she let a few people pick her up even though

I had her signed out to me permanently instead of fostering.
The first night was terrible and I don't mind admitting that I gave up on her,
thinking of the liability. My plan to have a vet check her out for physical problems wasn't needed as she tolerated some handling, just not moi!
I didn't need any more behaviorial problems.
She of course let me pick her up in the morning so I changed my mind, whereupon she reverted back when it was time to come in...but I decided
to chart her responses to keep my sanity and stop mentally seesawing~ This enabled me to see increasing consistency.

In less than a week she is quite well behaved, making me wonder what instigated it in the first place..

Next week we will begin heartworm treatment. I will be funding that myself
and adopting her out when it is completed to someone who will make their home her LAST home.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

1/2 price on almost EVERYTHING at CAP thrift store all Halloween weekend!!

WOW, a great sale at CAP thrift store where all proceeds go to benefit the animals. This is both Saturday and Sunday in both sections; there is a regular area and an annex. (Pet Stuff Resale has pet items in front of the
annex 12-4 both days) There are just a few more expensive items that are
not 1/2 price and they are marked.

The thrift store is in the same center as Citizens for Animal Protection,
11925 Katy Freeway, 77079. Hours are 10:00-5:30 on Sat and noon to 5:30
on Sunday.

Items run from household, clothes and books to furniture, collectibles
and art.

Please keep the thrift store in mind for both purchasing and donating
useable items. Donating unuseable items just adds to their haul off costs.

You are also welcome to visit the shelter and bring newspapers and puppy and kitten food(no colored kibbles, please) this weekend to help the
furry babies~

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Devil outfit for tiny dog at Pet Stuff Resale

This 4 lb chihuahua was dumped at a shelter by his owner and is very precious, so the outfit is definitely on the WRONG body! Leo was less than thrilled by both the camera and the outfit, so not interested in showing
just how cute this is. It does have a pointed tail and stuffed ears and says "Devilish Dog" on the back. (The neck is not stretched out, Leo just flat refused to let the hoodie part stay on his head!) I did try a more accommodating canine model, but this doesn't fit a 5 lb chihuahua.
5.00 at Pet Stuff Resale just in time for Halloween!
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