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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Look what was in the Pet Stuff Resale warehouse!

End of the year means doing inventory in preparation for taxes and EVERY year there are surprises.."oh yea, that's where that was" kind of revelations:)

 This ottoman instantly meowed at me in the store..looks like a cattoman to me. Cats would love to perch on it AND tear around under the skirt underneath as well.

 A nice touch that the legs are covered and the skirt is lined.

This very well made custom "cattoman" is 21.00 SOLD
This 10-15 gallon aquarium stand has been nicely repainted with a semi gloss paint; coupled with a 10 gal tank and lights(too cold for photographer to assemble) it is for sale for 42.00.
  It can however be repurposed for several other things. The back can be enclosed or not and provide storage...maybe gardening things or in a spare room. I can see a large beach scene painting perched on it.
A sunken planter would do well or 2-3 pots on top; it is fairly strong.26.00 by itself
 Baby gates are just flat good, cheap insurance!  It's amazing what doesn't get chewed when puppies can't get to it... This expands to 40" in.  17.00 SOLD

Manufacturers should make pink crates every year; they are that popular. Since they aren't, they are in high demand in the secondary market. 12.00 SOLD

This large(24x26x36")  Deluxe Vari Kennel is popular due to having metal vents on the sides.
This is tougher for those teenage puppies to chew... 50.00 at Pet Stuff Resale

This is baby Elfin, a 4 month old chihuahua weighing only 2.1 lb, with horrendously luxating patellas.He was released by the SPCA(Thank you!) to Chestnut Rehab, a nonprofit in Bellaire, Tx. to get more orthopedic help than a shelter can provide.
He needs a miracle of a TV story or the like due to the expense of this complicated surgery.  In an unusual move, 3 of my bud vets from 2 clinics are teaming up for the surgery. Coordinating the tax deductible donations is Chestnut Rehab,4834 Chestnut, Bellaire, Tx 77401. 713-667-4244 There is no chip in or Pay Pal involved.

Thank you for reading the Pet Stuff Resale blog; please share it with your buds. Part of the proceeds goes to rescue efforts. Please join us on Facebook at Pet Stuff Resale.
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Friday, December 2, 2011

Save Christmas $$ 2 ways at Pet Stuff Resale

 The prices are good at PSR anyway, so the first way to save is easy.

Often items at PSR are new or look new so would make great gifts. (I am not recommending to hide that a gift is recycled.) That saves you money on your shopping list. Here's a perfect example.
This portable drinking bowl looks new and is 8.99 on It is hands free, leak free and excess water goes back into bottle.
 A great stocking stuffer at Pet Stuff Resale for 5.00.

This finch cage is sold at pet places as a parakeet cage, but it is too small even for one keet. For an animal used to flying, to live their whole life(or even most) in a cage this small is just flat wrong. 
This is part of how Pet Stuff Resale recycles. The tray was missing from the silver cage when I bought it, so I added a tray and wire base from another cage that was too rusted for me to sell.That went to metal recycling and this cage is repurposed. Paper covers most of the bottom anyway. I don't recommend pets for Christmas, but this could be an upgrade for a current cage. It can also be used for a hospital or transport cage.  16.00 at PSR

 Actually there is a 3rd way to save money!Purchasing something used as basic and practical as the reptile tank pictured at the bottom right corner frees up spending for other pet items you may want new.

Savannah Carolina was MOST uninterested in modeling this shell pink sweater. She weighs about 9 1/2 lbs,  it actually fit Lizbet the 13 lb dachshund better. Lizbet also enjoys wearing them:) This was custom made and only 4.00.

Both Savannah Carolina and Lizbet are still looking for their permanent homes.

This plaid tote is in excellent condition; another great gift idea for a cat owner/foster. It is 13.00
29/30 gal reptile tank and stand

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Dog faces and a horse in the crowd

The concept of posting "dog faces in the crowd" did not start out as a regular feature of the blog showcasing items for sale thru Pet Stuff Resale:)
It was a one time thing from me visiting vet clinics on a regular basis and seeing some great "FACES", but has become popular so it continues...

This is Candy, supervising her owners cleaning up the edge of their property in Hockley. What a shame they have to clean up after people throwing trash out of their vehicles. Many people have golf carts out here, Candy says this one is hers, she lets them borrow it from time to time.

This blog is purposely upbeat and does not get into the negative parts of rescue that I experience.

This picture was taken to celebrate Abby's life, not to dwell on her death over the weekend: she was 29 years old! I say that deserves mention and celebration! She was not a rescue, was owned by my realtor and now great bud Razelle(my host when escaping the Magnolia fires) for all those years. She enjoyed being ridden until earlier this year, wow! They probably stopped riding before she wanted them to, especially as she had buddy horses to take with her. Thanks Raz, for being such a good owner.

Seen at Jester Plaza vet clinic recently were Munch and Lucy!

 Peanut is a tiny male chihuahua being fostered
thru Citizens for Animal Protection. When he came
into the shelter he weighed only 3.2 lbs! He is now a little over
4 lbs. and is altered, so ready for adoption.

He has 2 luxating patellas and still has his baby teeth. He just had a dental and the vet saw no reason to remove
the teeth..Peanut is about a year old and will need a very special home.
He is a little shy, but not sad..this picture was taken less than 24 hours after his surgery..

Sugar Bear and her buddy ______Bear, were walking thru a parking lot when they stopped briefly to have their picture taken. Actually the buddy was not interested in even slowing down, much less stopping for long! Sugar Bear is part lab and part Shar Pei.

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Friday, November 11, 2011

HUGE garage sale yields great pet items!

I stand in line for 2 hours(as a veteran, I really bring a chair and a book) to get into this annual garage sale and it is worth it. Today I had to stand guard over the stuff as people who came in behind me were trying to get it as well:)
29? gal acrylic tank and stand
The stand is sturdier than it looks and the acrylic had not yet been cleaned-darkness was fast approaching so pictures were a tad hurried. Tank and stand-45.00

Not only are the bowls heavy, but the metal stand is also, so fine for thwarting the dish thrower/carriers:)

This is most of the haul. The quality control officer is from next door, made himself at home all on his own.

Kittens do better on posts such as this instead of taller trees as they are not quite coordinated and falling is not so traumatic. Can you say they don't have their sea legs yet? :)

33" tall

This wonderfully fluffy bed from Costco has been cleaned since the photo-pilling all gone. This is cocker/small boxer sized.  18.00

There are also 6 crates in different sizes, a 4 ft aquarium  light and a 29 gal reptile aquarium a pink sweater and several other beds, Email me or text is great-817-480-8400

Janet Huey
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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Doggie items in at Pet Stuff Resale

With cold weather approaching, childrens sleeping bags make great, inexpensive dog beds.
Both big dogs and little dogs love them. Min Pins and chihuahuas will burrow in them in July!
Boogie the Yorkie/escape artist is looking for a very patient home with a buddy dog. He says male dogs like pink also.


It is difficult to find very W I D E gates. This one is neat because the  two connectors are flexible, so it doesn't have to be a straight line barrier. This flexibility allows this to be used in multiple ways and in non traditional sized openings. It is a discontinued gate from the Cardinal Gate company, but you can peruse the website to see how expensive metal gates are new. This one looks new and it only 70.00. It extends up ot 10 feet. It is 28" tall.

This HUGE PetMate portable pet home is great for big dogs or several smaller ones, as long as they don't chew. Most softsided or mesh crates are unsellable due to chew holes, but this one has been repaired almost professionally.

As always, Pet Stuff Resale does not cover up or minimalize used conditions, this is marked down  because of it. It is 41x29x32. It also comes with a cover and tie down stakes for camping. (I would not recommend using anything soft like this when camping.) I think it is great for traveling for over night sleeping and even some post surgery cases.
50.00 sold

Fizzie the dachshund LOVED this as soon as her mom plopped it on the floor. It is a soft car chair and was only 6.00 at Pet Stuff Resale. Thank you Gail, for being a repeat customer! Fizzie is a former foster of mine who is now 12 years old we think.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

2 unusual dog items and a cat themed blanket at Pet Stuff Resale

Big dogs love these beds, many prefer to nap in an elevated area and toddler beds are perfect! This one is in very good condition.

The mattress is a Simmons BeautyRest "Elegance"

                                 60.00 at Pet Stuff Resale

This blanket is actually brown and light tan.This looks like a postcard is a picture taken on my cell phone camera. It looked very good on my bed:)

The other dog item is a white metal crib on rollers that would be great for either foster puppies or post surgery dogs that need to stay quiet. Geriatric dogs that are too fragile for mingling with more active dogs but still want to be part of the gang would also do well in this crib. (Picture at the end of the blog shows the bed folded up w/o the mattress and base.) It is 24"x39" and the bar spacing is 2", so little heads cannot get stuck in them.(Kitten heads could get thru them).
This is one of the neatest things to ever come into Pet Stuff Resale; the rolling makes it easy to move around, it's easy to keep clean, it's multi purpose. Wait, it also folds up! The bottom removes and it can be used with or without the mattress. Little paws cannot climb the smooth metal.

Many thanks to my associate Nancy who found the 2 beds, she ferret outs some neat stuff while looking for books. Talk about networking; she adopted a greyhound from me in 1988!

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Houston Dog faces and 1 more

Gizzie on the left and Georgia below were minding their own business at Tanglewilde Vet Clinic when they were bombarded with pictures. This owner was so accommodating-the girls REALLY  just wanted to get out of Dodge and defeated our repeated attempts to photograph them together. 
One of them turns 11 this week!

Mikey and Missy were both adopted  by my wonderful bud Gretajean, both had heartworms(will people never understand the importance of prevention?) and both have this binkie addiction:)

These are their Halloween witch binkies. Mickey gets whichever one he can yank from under the computer table when Missy is otherwise engaged.

Bailey was incredibly patient for her nail trim. Richard her owner came by for a nail trim,which I do for 5.00-Greater Good sends lots of clients to me, thanks!. Then he asked to be shown how to do it. Kim my bud was visiting, so was quickly conned into helping:)

Chloe was patiently waiting her turn at Westbury Vet Clinic last month when the roving Pet Stuff Resale camera caught her. She looks about 4, she is really 13. She has a wonderful owner who did major research into vets after moving to Houston from New York. I very much enjoyed visiting with her and think she made a good decision in vets!

I really feel sorry for folks with real jobs that can't rove around as I do, so the dog faces are to add a little joy to your day. It is not by accident that most of them are "seasoned" faces, those are my favorite.

Oh, yea, this blog is supposed to also highlight items from Pet Stuff Resale for sale.......
Rocco was turned in to a shelter when his owners could not afford treatment for his broken leg.  All healed, he now needs a permenant home, all 4 lbs of him. He desperately hopes the Halloween costume finds a different home! It says Devilish Dog on the back which is 180 dogrees from his personality. He is one of the sweet, even quiet, chihuahuas, gets along with other dogs and even cats.

I will have items for sale(and a foster dog) at the Kingsland Blvd 30th anniversary Open House this Saturday 2-5 pm. 281-578-1506 is their number. Of course there will be a pet costume contest. I have a booth in Exam room 9. My cell is 817-480-8400 if you want to see what I am bringing.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bunkbeds for dogs???? and 1 more

One of the fun things about my job is scouting for pet items and a non pet item jumps out at me and sez " I could be a pet________!" Cashiers at one of my regular haunts ask "What dog thing is this going to be this time?"

This bunk bed is a great addition to a multi dog or dog/cat home. I have found that dogs nest more together when elevated, which means they take up less floor space! Here they can nap on the lower bunk or underneath and food, toy and blankie storage goes on top bunk. This makes for a very organized pet area. 150.00 at Pet Stuff Resale(google to see bunkbed prices, wow!)-some delivery available

 I have also used a bunk bed frame only for cats and they LOVE to climb as well as scratch, keeping them off my wooden bed headboard.

The correct terminology is "repurposing". I just call it fun! It also adds to part of my mission to recycle whatever can be given another use.

This  dog/cat hidey(very small dogs/cats) was picked up by my pet stuff shopper Nancy. I am not sure I would have picked up on its possibilities.
Thanks to CAP thrift store volunteer Sandra who knew its original purpose;
from IKEA, it's for little boys rooms to store toy trucks and the like, hung from the loop. The neat thing for pet owners is that the whole back(or base now) is velcroed on, so easy to remove for cleaning. 3.00 at Pet Stuff Resale

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Can you be open minded about pit bulls?

This is Bahrain, 4 months old, already neutered.
 Branching out from showcasing items from Pet Stuff Resale, in this post 2 foster dogs are being profiled. Citizens for Animal Protection is one of the few shelters that evaluates pit type breeds instead of automatically euthanizing or turning them away. Potential adopters are screened specifically about their interest in the breeds.
These two unrelated pups have mild upper respiratory infections and needed about 10 days in isolation.

The economy and fires have reduced adoption options so drastically that it will be even tougher than usual to place them. These two are protected by having a foster, but still need wide exposure to find them good homes. Please share this so I can take the next 2 dogs that need me.

He has NOT had an ear enhancement procedure!

Trying to showcase Bahrains freckles was tough; there are so many neat
smells in the woods to distract the dogs. I am not even guessing as to each ones primary breed.
Colonel is a 5 month old pit mix, also neutered. He is about 40 lbs and a little more macho right now than Bahrain, who is a 35 lb wuus.

Yea, they are both crate trained!
They both can sit on command and they have heard of "stay", but are convinced I can't possibly mean it. Many, many photos were taken to get just 2-3 with as little motion"blur" as possible.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Pet Stuff Resale saves a monkey during the Magnolia fires!

The unusual thing about the rescue is that I wasn't even aware of it until much later!

5 lb evacuee Honey B who is looking for a very quiet all adult home

Evacuee Bingo, very shy terrier mix, looking for an all adult home
with other dogs
After I evacuated for the 4th time, my neighbor called and asked if someone could borrow one of the dog crates in the front yard. (I confess, I had not unloaded completely, all of the things I sell on weekends should have already been back in the garage. It was Labor Day and I was lazy...) I immediately said anyone could have anything to help move their pets out.

A week after we returned some neighbors stopped by and wanted to buy the crate they had taken. They told me the crate meant they could save one more monkey; I was stunned as I had  forgotten about the crate and had just assumed whoever it had been was fleeing with a dog! They were able to get 6 out and before leaving released the 2 for which they had no room. Note: these are legally kept monkeys and have a neat habitat we can see from the road, but the monkeys did not want their pictures taken for this post.
It was very nice to have helped, even though totally by accident.

One of the things I should have done was have the dogs rabies certificates, but more importantly, have a picture of each one. I did not expect to get separated from them and wasn't but at noon on Labor Day I was in Brenham
with no clue that I would be evacuating by 6 pm.

There are still over 30 animals at Baker Vet Clinic in Waller that have not been reclaimed. If you have room, please consider one of them. They will not be able to keep them indefinitely.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pet supplies I can personally recommend for fleeing a fire.

Evacuating with pets from any disaster is tough at best; I am extremely grateful to all of the law enforcement folks that made it orderly. It was also a major help that I had so many pet supplies on hand.
 I would have had crates for the dogs if I didn't already own Pet Stuff Resale, but probably would not have invested in this puppy pen before the Magnolia fire. It was such a major help it gave me the idea to share;the stress reduction was incredible. There was no worry about a scared dog backing out of a collar or otherwise getting loose or jumping out of the pen. It was used for feeding and potty both since it could be moved around. 75.00 at Pet Stuff Resale
 (It is not recommended to feed dogs together, especially when they are stressed, no matter how friendly they are. There was a time issue at that point, I stood right there and grabbed a dog as soon as the picture was taken)
The crate below is great for small dogs and cats, being able to lift them out thru the top is a big advantage. It is amazing how such small legs can brace against the traditional door. Vet clinics really like these for cats. Note, sometimes, the wire top pulls loose at the latches, I recommend anchoring with ties to prevent an escape. 17.00

Leo is a very shy dog on the best of days so NOT interested in modeling this next crate, a Kennel Cabin. He weighs 4 lbs; any bigger and this crate would not be appropriate. The crate on the right, also a Kennel Cabin, has a wire top with a small opening. I evacuated a Quaker parrot and a cockatiel together in it. It is also great for most other small mammals and reptiles. 12.00 each
The wee wee pads were a God send, a bud had just given them to me 2 days before; I did not realize their value in an evacuation until I was grabbing stuff in haste. They were great not only for crates but also on the truck seat for car seats when the dogs were not crated. Honey B said not to tell...just a little car sickness on the first day.

Evacuation was mandatory Monday, then Tuesday, then Wednesday. By then the dogs were thinking this was a new routine. I began this blog on Thursday and in the middle of typing and loading pictures, we all had to bolt immediately.We got NO notice due to the rapidity of fires renewing and I was not allowed back in until Sunday.

The only reason I still have a house is that a neighbor defied the mandatory evacuation, so was there when a spark ignited in his back yard, from probably a mile away. Firefighters could not have gotten there in time. I am so blessed. 
Everyone is fine and settled back in. Many thanks to Razelle and Mark Smith who housed all of us. I cannot express the importance of being better prepared than I was to leave with your pets on short notice.