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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Look what was in the Pet Stuff Resale warehouse!

End of the year means doing inventory in preparation for taxes and EVERY year there are surprises.."oh yea, that's where that was" kind of revelations:)

 This ottoman instantly meowed at me in the store..looks like a cattoman to me. Cats would love to perch on it AND tear around under the skirt underneath as well.

 A nice touch that the legs are covered and the skirt is lined.

This very well made custom "cattoman" is 21.00 SOLD
This 10-15 gallon aquarium stand has been nicely repainted with a semi gloss paint; coupled with a 10 gal tank and lights(too cold for photographer to assemble) it is for sale for 42.00.
  It can however be repurposed for several other things. The back can be enclosed or not and provide storage...maybe gardening things or in a spare room. I can see a large beach scene painting perched on it.
A sunken planter would do well or 2-3 pots on top; it is fairly strong.26.00 by itself
 Baby gates are just flat good, cheap insurance!  It's amazing what doesn't get chewed when puppies can't get to it... This expands to 40" in.  17.00 SOLD

Manufacturers should make pink crates every year; they are that popular. Since they aren't, they are in high demand in the secondary market. 12.00 SOLD

This large(24x26x36")  Deluxe Vari Kennel is popular due to having metal vents on the sides.
This is tougher for those teenage puppies to chew... 50.00 at Pet Stuff Resale

This is baby Elfin, a 4 month old chihuahua weighing only 2.1 lb, with horrendously luxating patellas.He was released by the SPCA(Thank you!) to Chestnut Rehab, a nonprofit in Bellaire, Tx. to get more orthopedic help than a shelter can provide.
He needs a miracle of a TV story or the like due to the expense of this complicated surgery.  In an unusual move, 3 of my bud vets from 2 clinics are teaming up for the surgery. Coordinating the tax deductible donations is Chestnut Rehab,4834 Chestnut, Bellaire, Tx 77401. 713-667-4244 There is no chip in or Pay Pal involved.

Thank you for reading the Pet Stuff Resale blog; please share it with your buds. Part of the proceeds goes to rescue efforts. Please join us on Facebook at Pet Stuff Resale.
Janet Huey owner cell 817-480-8400

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