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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New and used cat trees in at Pet Stuff Resale

From a "low rider" with wider shelves to accommodate those
"husky" cats to 2 6 ft tall trees, there is a nice selection of used cat
furniture ready for new homes! A 5 ft model has 5 shelves for multiple cats.
All have been extensively cleaned and resisaled where needed
and are in neutral colors. Heights range from 29" to 6 ft.
Prices range from 27.00 to 135.00.
Delivery is available in many areas for a reasonable charge.
I will have some where I sell on weekends near Dairy Ashford and I 10 noon to 4. Email thru Friday to see what is available. I provide rope for tying down if needed.

The 5 ft tree above is a new one. (It was foggy and I am not a photographer.) A neat feature is the removable, washable
fleece liners that make cleaning SO much easier, esp for the top shelf. The base is very solid to withstand those running dives.
It is 185.00
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Monday, January 18, 2010

Dante, Whippet mix with broken leg, looking for a home in March

Dante came into a shelter as a stray with a broken
radius and ulna and a great personality! He obviously plays well with others. He is also crate
Dante has a darling set of  spotted Spock ears as well. (It was impossible to hold him, watch Devon
and get Dante to face me for  a picture when he
HAD to play!)
He is only a year old, but still very well behaved and weighs about 20 lbs.
He is not chewing his cast as much as he was
and is very patient about wearing a sock and baggie
when he goes outside.
My many years with greyhound adoptions gave me an interest in orthopedic cases, so it has been enjoyable having him in foster care. I will be equally happy when he finds his great new permanent home!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Survey: Does having local wholesalers affect your buying decisions at Pet Stuff Resale?

As well as recycled pet supplies in good condition, Pet Stuff Resale sells new cat trees and new wire crates
in 5 sizes. The crates are from a pretty good sized local  wholesaler and I really like keeping the local economy flourishing. The new cat trees are an even better cog in the cycle of Houston's economy as they are handcrafted by one local artisan. Furthermore, he helps with recycling by getting his new carpet in end rolls, keeping them out of landfills, so outreaching the green aspect even further. The big pet stores just cannot compete with either of those factors.
However, Pet Store Resale is not about me, but my consumers, so I have been discussing with people if these are features and benefits that are important or not. I get the feeling that people say it makes a
difference because they think that's what I want to hear:)
The end reason for my survey is to decide if I should add this information to my brochures or not. Jan, my wonderful bud and adopter in Dallas does the updates on the brochures and we are discussing this right now.
Please post your honest feedback. If you have animal friends who might have an opinion, please forward this  for their input.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Pet Stuff Resale says sleeping bags make great and inexpensive dog beds.

The main reason Pet Stuff Resale was founded way back in 1997 was to save people money on pet supplies, but I confess I fell into this idea accidentally only a couple of years ago.
My precious German Pinscher Dino piled under one when it fell off of a chair
and I couldn't get him out of it until mealtime. Then I tried it on the small foster chihuahuas and they loved it. In the blog archives is a post
about the "rodents" crawling in behind me to get into my sleeveless parachute
material vest.

While the current freezing weather is perfect for a sleeping bag bed, my dogs will burrow in one in July.

Pet Stuff Resale now stocks these regularly. Prices range from 8.00-17.00,
much less expensive than most dog beds.

This is a great way to recycle as well!
Devon is modeling 2 different sizes, but he is not an underneath snuggler!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Houston veterinarians shop at Pet Stuff Resale!

Dr Kathy Sutton is a repeat customer at Pet Stuff Resale as well as a great friend to rescue while she was a practicing vet. She has helped many foster dogs in the years I have known her. My favorite "save" of hers
was a wonderfly mellow dachshund who came into a shelter about ready to whelp and with a major load of heartworms, not  a dog a shelter could usually save. Dr Sutton was able to spay her and save all 4 puppies!
Sweetness was treated for heartworms and adopted out. (She and her daughter Faith Abby have both been mentioned in this blog)
Dr Sutton is pictured here with her own precious rescue dog, whose owner no longer wanted. I wish I had taken a closeup of his holiday attire, he likes to wear outfits. She was buying large dog crates and an x pen from meand I met her at her former vet clinic to deliver; I keep on the look out for certain dog items she likes. I can do that for you also! Dr Sutton was also wearing a beautiful (ok I am going to be tacky here, HUGE) new diamond wedding ring, a present from her husband Mike for their 30th wedding anniversary on Jan 5th. Congrats to both of them.

Dr Bill Folger, cat vet expert, ordered a new 6 ft cat tree for his wife Michelle for Christmas, sort of. He said it was also to keep the cats off the tree! I suspect it helped but not completely! I delivered it to his house and
he was nice enough to help me as the 6 footers are BIG and HEAVY. Thanks to Michelle for fostering about 50 cats/kittens in 2009.
Dr Folger ordered from Pet Stuff Resale because Dr Courtney Forbes had gotten a cat tree from me and liked it so much and must have mentioned it to Dr Folger when she took her cat to him..

Dr and Mrs Burda of Jester Plaza  Vet Clinic are also repeat customers at Pet Stuff Resale-they like to buy
new wire crates for overflow  boarders. I delivered to them also this holiday season.

Thanks to all of them and to you for being customers and fans of me and my business!