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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Pet Stuff Resale says sleeping bags make great and inexpensive dog beds.

The main reason Pet Stuff Resale was founded way back in 1997 was to save people money on pet supplies, but I confess I fell into this idea accidentally only a couple of years ago.
My precious German Pinscher Dino piled under one when it fell off of a chair
and I couldn't get him out of it until mealtime. Then I tried it on the small foster chihuahuas and they loved it. In the blog archives is a post
about the "rodents" crawling in behind me to get into my sleeveless parachute
material vest.

While the current freezing weather is perfect for a sleeping bag bed, my dogs will burrow in one in July.

Pet Stuff Resale now stocks these regularly. Prices range from 8.00-17.00,
much less expensive than most dog beds.

This is a great way to recycle as well!
Devon is modeling 2 different sizes, but he is not an underneath snuggler!


Nicole Abrams said...

once again, another fabulous idea that I would have never thought of!!! I need to get one of these!

Sandie Lee said...

Yes, awesome idea. I bet they'd be great in shelters as well