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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Survey: Does having local wholesalers affect your buying decisions at Pet Stuff Resale?

As well as recycled pet supplies in good condition, Pet Stuff Resale sells new cat trees and new wire crates
in 5 sizes. The crates are from a pretty good sized local  wholesaler and I really like keeping the local economy flourishing. The new cat trees are an even better cog in the cycle of Houston's economy as they are handcrafted by one local artisan. Furthermore, he helps with recycling by getting his new carpet in end rolls, keeping them out of landfills, so outreaching the green aspect even further. The big pet stores just cannot compete with either of those factors.
However, Pet Store Resale is not about me, but my consumers, so I have been discussing with people if these are features and benefits that are important or not. I get the feeling that people say it makes a
difference because they think that's what I want to hear:)
The end reason for my survey is to decide if I should add this information to my brochures or not. Jan, my wonderful bud and adopter in Dallas does the updates on the brochures and we are discussing this right now.
Please post your honest feedback. If you have animal friends who might have an opinion, please forward this  for their input.


Anonymous said...

It does not effect my buying from you. I try to remember to call and ask if you have an item before I purchase it.

Anonymous said...

Supporting local businesses and greener alternatives is a plus, in my opinion!