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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Grooming shop closing-Make offers!

Shop needs to emptied by Monday. Please contact me to see everything-817-480-8400. Everything is "make offer"
There is also a washer/dryer, some furniture and a nice set of TALL wooden steps and a HUGE semi circular reception desk for FREE!

Edemco 870 20 amp  3 hoses SOLD

Adjustable grooming table  2 available Both SOLD

Also quiet for spooky dogs

can be used as shop fan or with spooky dogs, quiet

36" long wire cages, drop pin, do not fold up, do come apart  25 available

Storage cabinets-2 available

Free standing square table with arm

4 section day care or  after grooming  set up
Hydraulic grooming table SOLD
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Janet Huey
Pet Stuff Resale
81-480-8400, 7 days a week

Sunday, April 15, 2012

7 dog items (6 $25 or under) and Aspen

Deluxe Pet Porter Jr. medium  16.00  SOLD

Comfy big bed 24x39  both bolsters zip out as well as center part  25.00

Solid foam steps with removeable covers
24" tall-11.00    18"-9.00

Play Yard  65.00 still in box SOLD
also available one with a crack, stull functional, not as new 50.00
2 piece extension-fits either one

For very tiny dogs only 5 lbs or under  12x18 wire  18.00

mid sized crate   18.00  SOLD
Aspen, a stunning smiler, was spotted at the Greater Good.
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All items are disinfected.
Call or text 817-480-8400  7 days a week for more info