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Monday, November 21, 2011

Dog faces and a horse in the crowd

The concept of posting "dog faces in the crowd" did not start out as a regular feature of the blog showcasing items for sale thru Pet Stuff Resale:)
It was a one time thing from me visiting vet clinics on a regular basis and seeing some great "FACES", but has become popular so it continues...

This is Candy, supervising her owners cleaning up the edge of their property in Hockley. What a shame they have to clean up after people throwing trash out of their vehicles. Many people have golf carts out here, Candy says this one is hers, she lets them borrow it from time to time.

This blog is purposely upbeat and does not get into the negative parts of rescue that I experience.

This picture was taken to celebrate Abby's life, not to dwell on her death over the weekend: she was 29 years old! I say that deserves mention and celebration! She was not a rescue, was owned by my realtor and now great bud Razelle(my host when escaping the Magnolia fires) for all those years. She enjoyed being ridden until earlier this year, wow! They probably stopped riding before she wanted them to, especially as she had buddy horses to take with her. Thanks Raz, for being such a good owner.

Seen at Jester Plaza vet clinic recently were Munch and Lucy!

 Peanut is a tiny male chihuahua being fostered
thru Citizens for Animal Protection. When he came
into the shelter he weighed only 3.2 lbs! He is now a little over
4 lbs. and is altered, so ready for adoption.

He has 2 luxating patellas and still has his baby teeth. He just had a dental and the vet saw no reason to remove
the teeth..Peanut is about a year old and will need a very special home.
He is a little shy, but not sad..this picture was taken less than 24 hours after his surgery..

Sugar Bear and her buddy ______Bear, were walking thru a parking lot when they stopped briefly to have their picture taken. Actually the buddy was not interested in even slowing down, much less stopping for long! Sugar Bear is part lab and part Shar Pei.

Please share this blog with your buds.
Pet Stuff Resale saves people money and keeps stuff out of landfills.
A portion of sales goes to my rescue efforts, usually heartworm positive dogs or hospice ones.

Friday, November 11, 2011

HUGE garage sale yields great pet items!

I stand in line for 2 hours(as a veteran, I really bring a chair and a book) to get into this annual garage sale and it is worth it. Today I had to stand guard over the stuff as people who came in behind me were trying to get it as well:)
29? gal acrylic tank and stand
The stand is sturdier than it looks and the acrylic had not yet been cleaned-darkness was fast approaching so pictures were a tad hurried. Tank and stand-45.00

Not only are the bowls heavy, but the metal stand is also, so fine for thwarting the dish thrower/carriers:)

This is most of the haul. The quality control officer is from next door, made himself at home all on his own.

Kittens do better on posts such as this instead of taller trees as they are not quite coordinated and falling is not so traumatic. Can you say they don't have their sea legs yet? :)

33" tall

This wonderfully fluffy bed from Costco has been cleaned since the photo-pilling all gone. This is cocker/small boxer sized.  18.00

There are also 6 crates in different sizes, a 4 ft aquarium  light and a 29 gal reptile aquarium a pink sweater and several other beds, Email me or text is great-817-480-8400

Janet Huey
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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Doggie items in at Pet Stuff Resale

With cold weather approaching, childrens sleeping bags make great, inexpensive dog beds.
Both big dogs and little dogs love them. Min Pins and chihuahuas will burrow in them in July!
Boogie the Yorkie/escape artist is looking for a very patient home with a buddy dog. He says male dogs like pink also.


It is difficult to find very W I D E gates. This one is neat because the  two connectors are flexible, so it doesn't have to be a straight line barrier. This flexibility allows this to be used in multiple ways and in non traditional sized openings. It is a discontinued gate from the Cardinal Gate company, but you can peruse the website to see how expensive metal gates are new. This one looks new and it only 70.00. It extends up ot 10 feet. It is 28" tall.

This HUGE PetMate portable pet home is great for big dogs or several smaller ones, as long as they don't chew. Most softsided or mesh crates are unsellable due to chew holes, but this one has been repaired almost professionally.

As always, Pet Stuff Resale does not cover up or minimalize used conditions, this is marked down  because of it. It is 41x29x32. It also comes with a cover and tie down stakes for camping. (I would not recommend using anything soft like this when camping.) I think it is great for traveling for over night sleeping and even some post surgery cases.
50.00 sold

Fizzie the dachshund LOVED this as soon as her mom plopped it on the floor. It is a soft car chair and was only 6.00 at Pet Stuff Resale. Thank you Gail, for being a repeat customer! Fizzie is a former foster of mine who is now 12 years old we think.

Thanks for sharing this blog with buds and let me know if you no longer want to receive them; I do not wish to offend. You are also welcome to "like" Pet Stuff Resale on Facebook to get updates almost daily.

Janet Huey