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Friday, November 11, 2011

HUGE garage sale yields great pet items!

I stand in line for 2 hours(as a veteran, I really bring a chair and a book) to get into this annual garage sale and it is worth it. Today I had to stand guard over the stuff as people who came in behind me were trying to get it as well:)
29? gal acrylic tank and stand
The stand is sturdier than it looks and the acrylic had not yet been cleaned-darkness was fast approaching so pictures were a tad hurried. Tank and stand-45.00

Not only are the bowls heavy, but the metal stand is also, so fine for thwarting the dish thrower/carriers:)

This is most of the haul. The quality control officer is from next door, made himself at home all on his own.

Kittens do better on posts such as this instead of taller trees as they are not quite coordinated and falling is not so traumatic. Can you say they don't have their sea legs yet? :)

33" tall

This wonderfully fluffy bed from Costco has been cleaned since the photo-pilling all gone. This is cocker/small boxer sized.  18.00

There are also 6 crates in different sizes, a 4 ft aquarium  light and a 29 gal reptile aquarium a pink sweater and several other beds, Email me or text is great-817-480-8400

Janet Huey
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Nancy Eddy said...

I have one of those cat posts and I've never had a foster kitten who didn't love it at first sight. And it's also good for grown cats because it's tall enough for them to stretch and scratch. It's a great deal - I paid $85 for mine and I've had it for many years.