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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

really neat large dog themed fleece tops for men at Pet Stuff Resale

Ok, women can wear these also:)From the well kown Big Dog Company, this is an X large shirt/jacket in excellent condition. Even in the "sale" section of their website has similiar items for 25.00. At Pet Stuff Resale it is 13.00.
This fleecy sweat appears to be new and is a large. It is 13.00 as well.

I wil have these both at BARC on Saturday noon to 4. Please come and visit with the many dogs and cats and support the burger(including veggie burger) and drink concession  sponsored by Friends of  BARC .

Sunday I will be at my usual place near the Greater Good at I 10 near Dairy Ashford, also noon to 4.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Four happy dog endings thanks to one donor(and vets)

These four precious babies are alive because of a dedicated donor who contacts me on a regular basis to ask what I need. It is usually treatment for heartworms. That in itself is tragic because heartworms are deadly, but very inexpensive to PREVENT, horrendously expensive and painful to treat.Even though expensive, every small donation adds  up fast , so I am at 2 vet clinics almost every week saving more dogs.
Houston area vets are important to this equation as well, they donate the time and expertise to fight this seemingly endless battle.( I could stack crates to the ceiling EVERY day with Houston area dogs needing treatment.) Foster people are critical, as the dogs need to be crate for 30-60 days.
Your tax deductible donation will go a long way in making more happy endings. Chestnut Rehab is a registered nonprofit connected to Chestnut Animal Hospital. Located at 4834 Chestnut, Bellaire, Tx 77401, they will sent you a receipt. (713-667-4244)
(You never know, I may name a dog after you:)

Monday, January 10, 2011

At Pet Stuff Resale: rabbit cage great for ferals, kittens!

The primary tenet of Pet Stuff Resale is to save people money. This rabbit cage is a perfect example. At 32.00, it is much less expensive than a Tokyo cage or even a dog crate when one is rescuing or fostering cats.   4 feet long, it is ample enough for acclimating a feral, especially with the ramp and shelf adding another level. It has both a top and front opening for safely changing food and water. It will take a little more creativity  changing out a litter box as the openings are smaller than a traditional litter box.To its advantage, the tall sides are great for containing litter, actually better than traditional cat habitats. It is ideal for kittens; they get climbing space without the cage being so tall they do not injure themselves as they learn balance. This cage is also very easy to clean.
I am now selling at BARC on Saturdays noon to 4 for people in central Houston and still near the Greater Good for those in West Houston on Sundays noon to 4. I can take products to either place. Please email for my cell number . You are welcome to subscribe to this blog and/or forward it to friends!