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Monday, January 10, 2011

At Pet Stuff Resale: rabbit cage great for ferals, kittens!

The primary tenet of Pet Stuff Resale is to save people money. This rabbit cage is a perfect example. At 32.00, it is much less expensive than a Tokyo cage or even a dog crate when one is rescuing or fostering cats.   4 feet long, it is ample enough for acclimating a feral, especially with the ramp and shelf adding another level. It has both a top and front opening for safely changing food and water. It will take a little more creativity  changing out a litter box as the openings are smaller than a traditional litter box.To its advantage, the tall sides are great for containing litter, actually better than traditional cat habitats. It is ideal for kittens; they get climbing space without the cage being so tall they do not injure themselves as they learn balance. This cage is also very easy to clean.
I am now selling at BARC on Saturdays noon to 4 for people in central Houston and still near the Greater Good for those in West Houston on Sundays noon to 4. I can take products to either place. Please email for my cell number . You are welcome to subscribe to this blog and/or forward it to friends!

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