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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Pet stores are out to seduce you (and your credit card!)

It's no secret that people have gone bonkers over their pets and go to extremes buying "stuff" for their "babies". I sneaked a peek at the cash register in a pet store when a woman adopted a kitten from a rescue group; over 400.00 in necessities and assorted foo foo!

I've read the various articles dissecting the probable causes of this phenomenon
and we know it will escalate with the help of manufacturers presenting the latest
"have to have" item.

Pet Stuff Resale provides a little common sense before you pull out your card.
The picture says it quite clearly-don't buy a mesh anything until you know the pet won't chew thru it....This goes for any pet, not just puppies...My green wing macaw
needs a concrete transport carrier!
The same logic goes for crating; don't use a nice pillow or crate pad initially
in the crate. Wait and see if they chew the old towel. I'd rather lose a sale
than have a customer buy something inappropriate for their pet.