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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Your small dog needs a Bark A Lounger!

One of the neatest things about what I do for a living is finding unusual items
that can be recycled into pet items.

Diva the chihuahua puppy is posing on what she thinks is her throne. A blue corderoy
child's recliner is perfect for napping but small enough that jumping down isn't
a risk. The chair is only 26 inches at the top and 21 inches wide. A nice feature is the material reaching between the chair itself and the foot rest; it keeps a dog from falling between the pieces. Safety is a big concern of mine when choosing pet items to resell.
The best part.....ta Pet Stuff Resale it is only 21.00!

Diva is also looking for the perfect home. She is a whopping 3 lbs and wants an all adult home with a buddy dog. She was a stray turned into a Houston shelter and will
be spayed before going to her new home; I am her foster.
Getting her to remain still for a better picture would have required stapling
her paws to the arm of the lounger:)

Monday, November 17, 2008

I was wrong about the First Dog

I assumed the White House would be the site of a new dog as soon as they
move in and I'm happy to be corrected. In an interview it was revealed that
they are going to wait a while until they are settled in and that has been the plan all along. I wish more people would be that wise when getting a new pet.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Pet Stuff Resale mascot models a wire crate for sale

As in all of my pets, Alfie is a rescue dog. Like many rescue dogs, his history is murky....He was only a year old so when he paid absolutely no attention to me and ran around like a one year old, it didn't click for about 3 weeks that he is deaf!
When he is hungry he barks nonstop until he is fed. I've tried that "Ignore him
so you aren't reinforcing the behavior" stuff-ha, he out barks my patience every time.
If I turn around and shake my finger at him, he does this little twirl, sits down
and proceeds to bark again. This is of course hilarious to everyone but me!

Alfie is a great "hook" for the Pet Stuff Resale booth where ever we set up, so he does earn his keep and he stays nicely in a carry pouch for a whole event.

I am frequently asked if he can bark since he can't hear. I have yet to find a diplomatic way of saying "there's nothing wrong with his throat, it's his ears!"

Alfie is pictured modeling in a small wire crate currently for sale at Pet Stuff Resale for 20.00. Alfie is 7 lbs and up to a 10 lb dog could fit easily into it.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Obama shouldn't be getting a dog yet.

This is an exciting time for the whole family but also very stressful. If you factor in moving, going to new job, new schools, holiday stress, worldwide scrutiny and the whole family dynamic changing, it's not fair to a dog to be thrown into the mix.
Unfortunately people rarely think of the pets interest when wanting to get a new one. I don't expect this situation to be any different. Those of us in rescue see this at Christmas all too often.

Friday, October 17, 2008

130 gal aquarium for sale at Pet Stuff Resale

This 18x24x72 tank is really heavy! I have a picture available which I can't download for some reason. It is featured on the front page of my website.The previous owner said it should be resealed if used for fish, but I've had about 5 inches in it for several days and it's holding fine. (For integrity purposes I tell everything I know about an item I have for sale.)
It also comes with 2 glass strips.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Another Tatiana photo

She has been cranky for 3 different photographers.
She has been living with other cats and chihuahuas.

Cranky cats need love too says Tatiana

This gorgeous cat came to Citizens for Animal Protection so emaciated
that it was thought she was too far gone to save and that she would have
feleuk or FIV. Shelters can't afford to test all 4 year old cats for
diseases so she was scheduled for euthanasia. I'm not very experienced
at cats but wanted to try to save her because Snowshoe cats are usually
very adoptable. She tested negative for both.
"No good deed goes unpunished" fits in the rescue world time and time
again. Tatiana rewarded me for saving her by getting better nicely
and turning into the Wicked Cat. She became so nasty at the shelter
she was politely asked to leave. It couldn't be the stress, at my house
she has a VERY noisy parrot to contend with so noise is not a problem.
Now she's back with me to try and get her adopted thru the shelter
website to someone willing to let her chill quite a while before
expecting her manners to return.
Of course I have to say she is prettier than her picture indicates!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Be careful buying recycled pet supplies on Craigslist (or anywhere)

Recycled pet supplies are great for several reasons, not just the price! One reason I founded Pet

Stuff Resale, before the current "green" wave, was to keep plastic out of landfills.
It is a buyer beware situation in the secondary market however.

This Oceanic fish tank is a perfect example. Someone has one like it on Craigslist here in Houston. What is not stated is that hoods and lights are no longer made for this
hex shape so the tank is worth less. It is so common to buy hoods and lights separately that
a casual buyer might not think to question it.

Pet Stuff Resale has this tank for 48.00, lower than the Craigslist posting, but
with the note that the lights are no longer manufactured. My personal integrity
(raised by a Southern mom!) demands honesty with my clients.
An acrylic top could be made and with more work a mesh top as this would
be great for something like Fire Bellied Toads.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Dog crates for Ike rescue dogs at Pet Stuff Resale

New and used wire and plastic crates are available for the many dogs
needing temporary housing. If you are fostering a lost dog or sharing
your home with someone who has a dog, Pet Stuff Resale will discount
a new wire crate for you.
Some other types of pet cages are available also.
call 936-931-2525

Monday, September 8, 2008

Multiple uses for pet cages

One of the fun things about my job is finding different uses for cages.
My favorite was the large flight cage for finches that was next used to house 2 snakes.
This is a ferret/rabbit/small mammal cage that could also be used to
acclimate feral kittens. I've used it as a playyard for small puppies.
As with every item at Pet Stuff Resale, it is disinfected before being sold.
It has more ramps and is 60.00.
Pet Stuff Resale is a great place for people who foster animals!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Custom Pet Steps for sale at Pet Stuff Resale

These are so nicely made and better yet, not plastic! The treads are removeable for toy storage but are made so they are still very stable while in place so your baby will not trip and fall off. Top height is 15".
I do not recommend dogs being allowed on the bed due to the dominance problems it creates but certainly understand the looks I get when I utter such blasphemy to clients! (Ask dog trainers)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Pet stores are out to seduce you (and your credit card!)

It's no secret that people have gone bonkers over their pets and go to extremes buying "stuff" for their "babies". I sneaked a peek at the cash register in a pet store when a woman adopted a kitten from a rescue group; over 400.00 in necessities and assorted foo foo!

I've read the various articles dissecting the probable causes of this phenomenon
and we know it will escalate with the help of manufacturers presenting the latest
"have to have" item.

Pet Stuff Resale provides a little common sense before you pull out your card.
The picture says it quite clearly-don't buy a mesh anything until you know the pet won't chew thru it....This goes for any pet, not just puppies...My green wing macaw
needs a concrete transport carrier!
The same logic goes for crating; don't use a nice pillow or crate pad initially
in the crate. Wait and see if they chew the old towel. I'd rather lose a sale
than have a customer buy something inappropriate for their pet.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Parrots have Christmas buffet in January

What a delight to crash the Parrot People's Christmas party today at Citizens for Animal Protection! Yes,they purposely (and sensibly) hold it in January
when it's more relaxing and so much less hectic for both people and birdies. I was not aware of this engaging practice or I would have taken my camera.

Several of the birds shared their owners plate, picking and choosing what they wanted. Peaches liked anything with cheese, said "Ptooey" to the cranberry sauce.
One bird is almost addicted to the marrow...yes it is a little weird to watch a bird eat fowl, such as a turkey leg.

CAP has a Quaker parrot up for adoption and Molly tried turkey and liked it. She was not impressed with her Fritos, however.

Even though I have several parrots and enjoy watching their reaction to new foods, it was particularly enjoyable to watch a group of birds with their owners
and partake of the camaraderie.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Unusual pet beds for small critters at Pet Stuff Resale

One of the fun things about what I do is finding unexpected uses for pet items or non pet items recyled into pet items. I once sold an oval cat bed for an oppossum(I don't recommend wild animals as pets) and sold a huge finch flight cage
to be used as a nice snake habitat.
Here are a couple of my recent finds. I purchased the chairs as a chihuahua "throne"
as they often like to curl up into teeny teeny balls. To my surprise, several of the cats LOVED it the long way. My huge male was falling out of all sides but wouldn't leave until a female bullied him out. No one wanted to pose in the chair at either angle; camera came up for a shot and off they bolted, many times!
The child foam cube is a hit with every chihuahua that tested it; in fact
I have no cat data on this item because as everyone knows chihuahuas are not to be displaced from a favorite anything by a mere cat!
The foam chair is 10.00, the plaid chair is 8.00.