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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Unusual pet beds for small critters at Pet Stuff Resale

One of the fun things about what I do is finding unexpected uses for pet items or non pet items recyled into pet items. I once sold an oval cat bed for an oppossum(I don't recommend wild animals as pets) and sold a huge finch flight cage
to be used as a nice snake habitat.
Here are a couple of my recent finds. I purchased the chairs as a chihuahua "throne"
as they often like to curl up into teeny teeny balls. To my surprise, several of the cats LOVED it the long way. My huge male was falling out of all sides but wouldn't leave until a female bullied him out. No one wanted to pose in the chair at either angle; camera came up for a shot and off they bolted, many times!
The child foam cube is a hit with every chihuahua that tested it; in fact
I have no cat data on this item because as everyone knows chihuahuas are not to be displaced from a favorite anything by a mere cat!
The foam chair is 10.00, the plaid chair is 8.00.

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