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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Parrots have Christmas buffet in January

What a delight to crash the Parrot People's Christmas party today at Citizens for Animal Protection! Yes,they purposely (and sensibly) hold it in January
when it's more relaxing and so much less hectic for both people and birdies. I was not aware of this engaging practice or I would have taken my camera.

Several of the birds shared their owners plate, picking and choosing what they wanted. Peaches liked anything with cheese, said "Ptooey" to the cranberry sauce.
One bird is almost addicted to the marrow...yes it is a little weird to watch a bird eat fowl, such as a turkey leg.

CAP has a Quaker parrot up for adoption and Molly tried turkey and liked it. She was not impressed with her Fritos, however.

Even though I have several parrots and enjoy watching their reaction to new foods, it was particularly enjoyable to watch a group of birds with their owners
and partake of the camaraderie.

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