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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Those important bellybands for male dogs available In Houston and at Dog Show

A very important accessory for many small male dogs will be at the Houston Dog Show this weekend.
Bellybands are are literally a life saver for male dogs as often adopters will want to "get rid" of a dog who marks or does submissive urinating. Male dogs get adopted at a much lower rate than females because
many adopters will not even consider a male dog, even one who has no such behaviorial problems.
This is particularly sad as more males come into rescue and shelters than females and are often calmer pets
than females after neutering.

Bellybands and other doggie stuff will be at the Carlisle Groom and Board booth this weekend -RS43.
They are also sold locally at the business at 2517 South Blvd in the Museum District. 713-521-2273

Rebecca woke one of her foster chihuahuas to model a bellyband but  the pic does not want to download.aaarrgghh