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Friday, June 3, 2011

Cat, kitten items in at Pet Stuff Resale

I wish I could get more items in for cats, so happy to have a few for all of the cat lovers out there!

These large capacity litter boxes are great for several reasons. The hood keeps most dogs from snacking on the contents(gross, but it happens) as well as keeps litter from flying all over the place. The ridges on the ramp and the ramp itself also reduces the amount of litter escaping.
As are all items from Pet Stuff Resale, these have been disinfected and are 20.00 each.

EmeryBoard scratching pad, looks to be new, my cats literally pounced on it when I put one down, no sniffing around, getting used to a new thing, just POUNCE and scratch!  8.00

Ok, small dogs would like this pink bed as well, but it just looked "feline Princess" to me; inner pad is removeable. 6.00
This woven bed could also be for small dogs but I removed  a cat from it at the thrift store, so know cats would like it as well!  9.00

I will have all of these items and more  near the Greater Good, I 10 and Dairy Ashford in West Houston, Sat and Sunday-12-4. 817-480-8400-Houston cell

Janet Huey