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Monday, September 27, 2010

Extra spacious play yard in at Pet Stuff Resale

This play yard is a frequently requested item at Pet Stuff Resale for several reasons. They can be used outside  as they are plastic so do not rust. They are actually sturdier than the metal xpens, so harder to
knock over by rambunctious pupsters. The best part for me is that the "hole" configuration makes it tougher
for agile Yorkies and chihuahuas to climb; a problem with the metal xpens with vertical and horizontal (ie, perching) bars.
This folds easily for mobility and the walls are 31" tall. It is great for small dogs and dogs being fostered for heartworms.
New in pet stores this is 89.00.
At Pet Stuff Resale, with 2 extra panels, it is 75.00

Sunday, September 19, 2010

More heartworm positive dogs saved thanks to Pepsi

We are now up to 27 dogs saved with the help of the 5,000.00 grant I was awarded in March thru the Pepsi Refresh Everything Project. This includes 82 lb Leo, a chocolate lab turned into the SPCA when his owners divorced. This put a huge burden on Lab Rescue of Southeast Rescue, so I was very happy to provide his treatment.
Today in the CyFair section of the paper Valerie Sweeten of the Houston Chronicle did a nice story
on the cause and mentioned Chestnut Animal Hospital. Dr Snyder and her staff have aided me TREMENDOUSLY since 1986 in my rescue efforts. Chestnut Rehab is a separate 501 (c)(3) nonprofit
that has been handling the drug needed to treat the Pepsi dogs and have graciously offered to extend
additional help. Donations are tax deductible and 100% is used for treating the dogs with immiticide.
Very few nonprofits can make that statement.
Houston is the number one market for the use of the drug Immiticide. Instead of that horrendous statistic, I would like Houston to be the number one user for the use of PREVENTION.

This is Chicken, saved by heartworm treatment and adopted! He got his name because his bark sounds just like a chicken..

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


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More happy endings due to heartworm treatments

This is Jupiter, a darling 5 year old terrier mix, maybe a huge 8 lbs. He is being treated for heartworms
Posted by Picasathru a shelter.

This stunning beauty is 5 year old Franchesca, also maybe 8 lbs. After a little bout with kennel cough, she
 is scheduled thru a shelter to be waited on like royalty at Rover Oaks Katy during her treatment.I normally do not show pictures of dogs before they are available for adoption, but I wanted to show just 2 of the many, many dogs in Houston with heartworms and
how many more we could be saving.  There are many more that breed specific rescue groups have taken in that need treating as well.  

The Pepsi grant I was awarded has allowed more dogs to be treated, especially bigger dogs that are normally too expensive to treat.(Sheltie Sanctuary and Golden Beginnings, you have been a delight to help!) That 5,000.00 funding is winding down, with 20 dogs treated so far, so
I am looking for other sources so this life saving work can continue.
Chestnut Rehab is a 501(c)(3) non profit connected to (but scrupulously separate from)  Chestnut Animal Hospital in Bellaire, Tx.
It is a bare bones operation, 100% of any donation is not only tax deductible, but the Rehab
keeps costs as low as possible. It is not intended to do mass rescue but help in small ways and
heartworm treatments are a huge way to  help without depleting Rehabs staff and operations.
Your donation will help both shelter and rescue group dogs.
Donations (with the notation "heartworm treatments") can be mailed to Chestnut Rehab,
4834 Chestnut
Bellaire, Tx 77401

Chestnut Animal Hospital has helped me in rescue since 1986. Dr Sandra Snyder, her vet staff
and techs and receptionists and especially office manager Tina have been incredible to me over the years.