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Monday, August 13, 2012

Houston dog faces in the crowd

 Ginger is a new nail trim client of mine and she brought her 3 buddies as well, but she is the prettiest one of all to me. I really like senior faces when I go scouting for dog faces. Puppies? yawn
Penni is a 6 year old stunner!  She is up for adoption  at CAP 281-497-0591. She is very laid back and great with children. Barbara is her foster mom. Her rescuer died suddenly so CAP took on 3 of her dogs.

Bailey was spotted at a donut shop in Rosehill, Texas

Donovan was adopted as a puppy by a CAP employee and he is now moving to Mexico with her!
He is a gentle giant.
Cricket has a metal pin in one front leg but the vet did such a good job you can't tell which one! He needs a home as well.I am his foster. He is modeling a belly band which is a great invention for some male chihuahuas.
Leonard is Baileys roommate and also at the Rosehill donut shop.
It is great fun sharing with you the dog faces I find in my travels. Please visit and like the Pet Stuff Resale page on Facebook. cell 7 days a week is 817-480-8400
Janet Huey

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

New Indoor/Outdoor kennels at Houston's Pet Stuff Resale

Basic set up 5X5X6  300.00

                            different configurations available

     These are now available all the time and located in Houston.
           Delivery available depending on location for additional charge

Janet Huey
Pet Stuff Resale

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Neat, fun dog items at Houston's Pet Stuff Resale

This is a new, elevated, portable dog bed by Coleman. The box says medium/large; I say up to male cocker size. (tote included)  23.00  SOLD

Large Pet Porter in excellent condition   24x26x36
55.00  SOLD

This Gentle Leader was never used, dog panicked, said "No way" Meduim 12.00
7" sturdy bowls  10.00 for the set
This is a new toy for LARGE dogs 5.00 SOLD

This bed is in excellent condition.
It is SO nice and squishy! The bed part is plush as well, many of them are great on the sides, but the dog lays on the base where the layers are often skimpy. This could be for big cats as well, it has both dog and cat figures on it. 14.00 SOLD

I am pleased with the quality of all of these items

Thank you for reading and sharing this blog. My cell is 817-480-8400, 7 days a week.
Please keep Elfin the chihuahua puppy in your thoughts next week; he is having extensive orthopedic surgery on Monday. His FB page is "Elfin the chihuahua needs new knees"
Unfortunately, Elfin had to be euthanized during surgery. His FB page is being kept to showcase other dogs needing medical assistance.
Janet Huey Stuff Resale

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Houston, where every day is "Take your pet to work" day!

One of the many fun parts of my job is watching the pets enjoy what I have found for them. Here was a delivery/visit this week:)

My buddy Kat owns Copperfield Grooming, has pets of her own and does a fair amount of rescue. This results in frequent shopping at Pet Stuff Resale. As she is a regular customer, I look for stuff for her on all of my shopping jaunts(I can do this for you as well)
With my cell camera I just text her a picture and have about a 95% "yes" answer in seconds. As I know her pets pretty well, I know what Peaches, the 117 lb Irish Wolfhound, likes. She loves her new toy. I also know to call every new squishy toy a frog, makes it easier for her.
She never tears them up.                   She said "well worth $10, thanks"   
This scratchy wheel was perfect for some older foster kittens Kat has at home.  8.00

This cat tree will be good for the kittens when they get a little older and more coordinated.
It was 60.00

I could not have paid for better advertising; the MINUTE I put this on the floor, this baby girl POUNCED on it.

Then her littermate joined in:) This was 11.00
Unusual to have female orange tabbies, both of these are girls and would love to be adopted together.  Theres one in the tunnel. Prepare to be interrogated by Kat (knowing your vets phone number by heart is a help) at Copperfield Grooming at 281-463-2267

All of these 4 large dogs beds totaled about 50.00 and are from last weeks delivery. This precious little girl is spayed, heartworm negative and looking for her new home. (This was not a staged photo)

This was and will be again, a baby tub, great for small pups and dogs.
It is currently a kitten bed with blankies in it. 14.00 at Pet Stuff Resale
Copperfield Grooming is located at 7710 Cherry Park Drive, Suite Q, Houston, 77095. This is right off Hwy 6, look for the Burger King. 281-463-2267
(Oh yea, she doesn't know I did the whole blog about her furkids)

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I am near the Greater Good in West Houston on weekends, also provide nailtrims for dogs for only 7.00
Janet Huey
Pet Stuff Resale             since 1997

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Dog items/TALL cat tree in at Houston's Pet Stuff Resale

N2N medium crate, not recommended for airline travel 16x17x23
door opens either side -in excellent condition 18.00 SOLD

Retro double diner in excellent condition 7.00

This tree is a whopping 6ft, 9in tall. It will take a while to refurbish and cost is not quite determined. It depends on my source for the sisal; probably between 115.00 and 125.00.
It is not recommended for kittens or senior cats. There are so many requests for tall trees
that it is being shown in the "before" condition so it can be reserved.

This whale baby tub is great for small dogs or kittens. It is 7" in at the deepest point, 30" total length, 17" of which is useable space, 12" wide 9.00
Elfin bolted a nanosecond later when he figured out it was a BATHTUB!

new 15" tall steps, foldable

Thank you for shopping at Pet Stuff Resale and sharing.
My cell is 817-480-8400, 7 days a week
Janet Huey

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

More dog things and a few cat things at Pet Stuff Resale

It takes a second or two but this scrub top is all cats with xrays:)
Large 6.00

Small ceramic bowls for kittens or cats..1.50 each or 3 for 3.00
Small litter box, perfect for traveling, kittens, post surgery, including ferals
in very good condition
Petco brand 14"x10"x3.5"
on sale online for 5.59, at stores 6.99
at Pet Stuff Resale 4.00

24" tall Midwest x pen, 16 Linear ft., back for sale after buyer no show 35.00

6 1/2" ceramic bowl with bone decoration

Elfin the chihuahua visiting Suzie at Chestnut Animal Hospital. Please visit his FB page "Elfin the chihuahua puppy needs new knees" to read about his adventures. We hope to get his surgery
done in May.

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Janet Huey
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Monday, May 7, 2012

Eight doggy items at Pet Stuff Resale

Plushy, squshy bed, up to cocker size 10.00

Combo food and waterer  set-15.00
Medium Thundershirt 20.00  could go up to 25 lbs.
has small hole near one of the velcro pieces
Pauli weighs about 20 lbs and still looking for his pernmanent after 4 years in foster with me.
He does not need a Thundershirt
New 39.95 on their website

Ruff Hauz dog house-in excellent condition 30x38x30 tall at peak   50.00  SOLD

Le Bistro  feeder/large 13.00

Pet Gear  short steps  12.00  New on Amazon they are 24.99 and used ones start at 19.95
for cats and dogs
in excellent condition

Yuppy Puppy harness  11.00
Kane weighs 20 lbs and still looking for his forever home

Pet Mate Intermediate crate 22x24x32 in excellent condition 50.00  even at Walmart online it is 80.00

Thank you for shopping at Pet Stuff Resale. Please share with other pet folks to save money and keep things out of area landfills. My cell is 817-480-8400, 7 days a week.
Janet Huey

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Grooming shop closing-Make offers!

Shop needs to emptied by Monday. Please contact me to see everything-817-480-8400. Everything is "make offer"
There is also a washer/dryer, some furniture and a nice set of TALL wooden steps and a HUGE semi circular reception desk for FREE!

Edemco 870 20 amp  3 hoses SOLD

Adjustable grooming table  2 available Both SOLD

Also quiet for spooky dogs

can be used as shop fan or with spooky dogs, quiet

36" long wire cages, drop pin, do not fold up, do come apart  25 available

Storage cabinets-2 available

Free standing square table with arm

4 section day care or  after grooming  set up
Hydraulic grooming table SOLD
 Please share this blog and thank you visiting.
Janet Huey
Pet Stuff Resale
81-480-8400, 7 days a week