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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Dog items/TALL cat tree in at Houston's Pet Stuff Resale

N2N medium crate, not recommended for airline travel 16x17x23
door opens either side -in excellent condition 18.00 SOLD

Retro double diner in excellent condition 7.00

This tree is a whopping 6ft, 9in tall. It will take a while to refurbish and cost is not quite determined. It depends on my source for the sisal; probably between 115.00 and 125.00.
It is not recommended for kittens or senior cats. There are so many requests for tall trees
that it is being shown in the "before" condition so it can be reserved.

This whale baby tub is great for small dogs or kittens. It is 7" in at the deepest point, 30" total length, 17" of which is useable space, 12" wide 9.00
Elfin bolted a nanosecond later when he figured out it was a BATHTUB!

new 15" tall steps, foldable

Thank you for shopping at Pet Stuff Resale and sharing.
My cell is 817-480-8400, 7 days a week
Janet Huey

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