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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

More dog things and a few cat things at Pet Stuff Resale

It takes a second or two but this scrub top is all cats with xrays:)
Large 6.00

Small ceramic bowls for kittens or cats..1.50 each or 3 for 3.00
Small litter box, perfect for traveling, kittens, post surgery, including ferals
in very good condition
Petco brand 14"x10"x3.5"
on sale online for 5.59, at stores 6.99
at Pet Stuff Resale 4.00

24" tall Midwest x pen, 16 Linear ft., back for sale after buyer no show 35.00

6 1/2" ceramic bowl with bone decoration

Elfin the chihuahua visiting Suzie at Chestnut Animal Hospital. Please visit his FB page "Elfin the chihuahua puppy needs new knees" to read about his adventures. We hope to get his surgery
done in May.

Thank you for shopping at Pet Stuff Resale where you save money and keep things out of Texas landfills. Please subscribe to this blog and share it with your buds.
Janet Huey
cell 817-480-8400

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