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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Nito the lhasa mix needs a home

Meet Nito, a darling, terribly matted, male lhasa mix abandoned at a west Houston vet clinic recently. They shaved him down and brought his buddy and him to Citizens for Animal Protection. Chestnut
Animal Hospital in Bellaire donated an eye exam. He does have dry eye which is a permanent
condition so he will need eye drops every day. The good news is that a compounding pharmacy
can provide them at a cost of about 2/3 of what a traditional clinic prescription is. He has decent vision and no indication of glaucoma, just has big eyes!

Nito is quiet, well behaved, rides well in a car and gets along with other dogs. He is 5 years old
and heartworm negative. He weighs about 13 lbs.
In a good economy he would have a tough time finding a home with a chronic condition. In the current economy it will be even harder and his time is not unlimited.

Friday, July 24, 2009

CraigsList is no place for pets

This is Buddy. I am his fourth placement in 8 months. His crime? I am sure it was "Felonious
Activity Level"; he acted like an unneutered puppy, which he is(was)! This poor dog was on Craigslist twice; fortunately the last "owner" decided to give him to me rather than any of the over 20 other people who emailed him from his $10.00 for sale ad. He was a nice man with limited dog knowledge and I appreciated him letting me take on Buddy to find him a real home.

Buddy had been terribly matted and had not been on heartworm prevention; one previous owner had promised to send vet records, but of course had not.

While Craigslist is good for many things rehoming or obtaining a pet from it is not a good idea and this certainly proves that. If Buddy had been neutered and taken better care of, he would have been a very nice dog by now. He is a bright, happy, lively dog and to his credit does not appear to have been adversely affected by the frequent disruptions in his short life.

Luckily Buddy tested negative for heartworms and is up for adoption thru a Houston area animal shelter. This way there is medical testing and records kept; some accountability for him. Very importantly, he will be microchipped and his home will be screened to prevent him bouncing around from place to place. Being in a foster home, he has fast learned some manners and is now crate trained. He needs an experienced home with a companion dog who also likes to

His breed is difficult to tell; we are guessing some cocker somewhere, maybe some poodle thrown in; he is about 12 lbs.

Many thanks to Ashford Vet Clinic for donating his neuter and to Copperfield Grooming
for donating his terribly cute grooming.

Monday, July 20, 2009

50, 55 gal aquariums in at Pet Stuff Resale

It was quite an adventure buying these! They were about 55 miles away and my next appointment was 50 miles back the way I came, so when the garage door opened and
they were still stacked up on the wall, I groaned inside. The seller had also loaned out his
ladder, so he had to straddle a cooler on top of a tool box to unload heavy aquariums
packed in wood!!!!

I didn't have time to open them completely, but opened enough to check for cracks in moving from Colorado and they were fine.

The real adventure was unpacking them -the moving company did a terrific job of securing them.

My next door neighbor provided a pry bar and with a couple of other tools I finally got them unpacked and I learned some new skills in the process.

The seller was also very nice, especially after he said how much he likes Texas!

These are the kind of things I like to do to help my clients save money and it keeps my job fun as well.

The 50 gallon is a tank and stand; a flat back hex, for 80.00

The 55 gallon tank and stand has lights, also 80.00

Pictures available on request.

My helper is 12 year old Rebel, a peke turned in at a shelter recently whom I have adopted.She follows me no matter how many trips I make back and forth working.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Pet Cargo 800 not just for air travel says Pet Stuff Resale

In fact it feels a little lightweight to me for air travel, but this is a
UK product and a dog flew from London to Houston in it and it is
in excellent condition.
It has multiple great features. The storage tray on top is good sized, doesn't take up space inside the crate,but also removeable for when it is not needed.
The wheels are also removeable, but I like the wheels for a nontravel reason. This would be great for fostering puppies or kittens(only when small) and cleaning is much easier when a crate can be rolled around.
The dual opening and removeable door is great also for the cleaning factor.
Yet another feature that I have never seen on any other crate
are the holes in each corner. This is for anchoring during transit;
while I do not care for crates in the back of trucks, I have to do it myself at times and we are in Texas, "The Truck State"!
The food and water containers are also larger than most. In every other plastic crate I have seen, every size crate has the same size container. That is a not a good option for bigger dogs traveling and looks to me like just a cost saving item from the manufacturer. I say cut corners elsewhere.
This multi use huge (29.5x30x41)crate is sold new for 134.00 on websites I have seen. At Pet Stuff Resale it is 80.00.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Pet Stuff Resale helps vet clinic with holiday boarding crunch

Early in the morning of July 2nd I received a "help" call from one of my favorite vet clinics (and previous customer), Jester Plaza vet clinic.
Tricia, Dr Burda's wife and office manager, was
a little anxious as they had gotten a last minute
holiday boarding request from a couple of regular
clients for 4 big dogs!
Holiday boarding can be very hectic as clinics
fill up and space is at a premium, particularly
Fourth of July! wow!
This was no problem for Pet Stuff Resale. I switched my schedule around just a tad and delivered 4 new large crates to them this morning
(July 3rd). They were very happy; Tricia thanked me several times-I kept saying, no problem,
it's what I do!
This is Tricia and her husband Steve, whom I have known for years.( I am in the middle.) He has a very down to earth, calm manner with animals, so I put up with his really corny puns!
Jester Plaza is near the corner of 18th street and T C Jester-number is 713-869-0202.
They have a huge outdoor doggie play area as well as an inside one, so very popular with doggie day care folks.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Rocco the chihuahua gets another chance at life

This tiny(4.73 lbs)chihuahua was taken to an Animal Emergency Clinic when he got out of his house/yard and hit by a car.His family could not afford the recommended orthopedic surgery for his broken tibia, so took him to an animal shelter hoping for a better outcome for him than they could provide.
In the current economy this type of surgery is out of the
reach of most shelters and rescue groups, so I am going to foster him in a soft cast and see if it will heal adequately.(It won't be great but hopefully manageable) This is last resort orthopedic care and I do not recommend this method under normal circumstances.
He will require weekly vet visits for monitoring and for that I will be going to Westbury Animal Hospital and
Dr Jeff Chalkley again, my hero for several past orthopedic miracles in dogs.
Dr Toby Shows of Kingsland Blvd Animal Clinic has
been wonderful for orthopedics also.It is one of my rescue interests since my days working with retired racing greyhounds.
The strip over his back is part of his pain patch that was stapled into him and it was removed today.
Rocco is neutered and heartworm negative; he will be looking for a home where open doors
are monitored so tiny babies cannot get out.