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Friday, July 17, 2009

Pet Cargo 800 not just for air travel says Pet Stuff Resale

In fact it feels a little lightweight to me for air travel, but this is a
UK product and a dog flew from London to Houston in it and it is
in excellent condition.
It has multiple great features. The storage tray on top is good sized, doesn't take up space inside the crate,but also removeable for when it is not needed.
The wheels are also removeable, but I like the wheels for a nontravel reason. This would be great for fostering puppies or kittens(only when small) and cleaning is much easier when a crate can be rolled around.
The dual opening and removeable door is great also for the cleaning factor.
Yet another feature that I have never seen on any other crate
are the holes in each corner. This is for anchoring during transit;
while I do not care for crates in the back of trucks, I have to do it myself at times and we are in Texas, "The Truck State"!
The food and water containers are also larger than most. In every other plastic crate I have seen, every size crate has the same size container. That is a not a good option for bigger dogs traveling and looks to me like just a cost saving item from the manufacturer. I say cut corners elsewhere.
This multi use huge (29.5x30x41)crate is sold new for 134.00 on websites I have seen. At Pet Stuff Resale it is 80.00.

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