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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Rocco the chihuahua gets another chance at life

This tiny(4.73 lbs)chihuahua was taken to an Animal Emergency Clinic when he got out of his house/yard and hit by a car.His family could not afford the recommended orthopedic surgery for his broken tibia, so took him to an animal shelter hoping for a better outcome for him than they could provide.
In the current economy this type of surgery is out of the
reach of most shelters and rescue groups, so I am going to foster him in a soft cast and see if it will heal adequately.(It won't be great but hopefully manageable) This is last resort orthopedic care and I do not recommend this method under normal circumstances.
He will require weekly vet visits for monitoring and for that I will be going to Westbury Animal Hospital and
Dr Jeff Chalkley again, my hero for several past orthopedic miracles in dogs.
Dr Toby Shows of Kingsland Blvd Animal Clinic has
been wonderful for orthopedics also.It is one of my rescue interests since my days working with retired racing greyhounds.
The strip over his back is part of his pain patch that was stapled into him and it was removed today.
Rocco is neutered and heartworm negative; he will be looking for a home where open doors
are monitored so tiny babies cannot get out.

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