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Monday, July 20, 2009

50, 55 gal aquariums in at Pet Stuff Resale

It was quite an adventure buying these! They were about 55 miles away and my next appointment was 50 miles back the way I came, so when the garage door opened and
they were still stacked up on the wall, I groaned inside. The seller had also loaned out his
ladder, so he had to straddle a cooler on top of a tool box to unload heavy aquariums
packed in wood!!!!

I didn't have time to open them completely, but opened enough to check for cracks in moving from Colorado and they were fine.

The real adventure was unpacking them -the moving company did a terrific job of securing them.

My next door neighbor provided a pry bar and with a couple of other tools I finally got them unpacked and I learned some new skills in the process.

The seller was also very nice, especially after he said how much he likes Texas!

These are the kind of things I like to do to help my clients save money and it keeps my job fun as well.

The 50 gallon is a tank and stand; a flat back hex, for 80.00

The 55 gallon tank and stand has lights, also 80.00

Pictures available on request.

My helper is 12 year old Rebel, a peke turned in at a shelter recently whom I have adopted.She follows me no matter how many trips I make back and forth working.

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